How to hang metal wall art? 

Working with metal wall art isn’t as easy as you suppose it to be. Your wall is a memoir of your special memories. With the right photo prints, you can enhance the impact of the walls and increase the love in the room. A lot of people consider adding the metal wall art. Well, to decorate it precisely is not only required for practical purposes but design as well. 

Interior decoration is one of the most important aspects of the house, especially when you are using the walls for decoration. You can take help from experts for extra benefits, but that is only going to cost you a lot of money. Well, you can always rely on internet sources such as Pinterest, Instagram to Dr attention about how to hang the metal art on walls. 

Some of the prominent steps to hang the metal wall art include the following

Use strong holders

Since you will be hanging the metal photo print against the wall, you should make sure to be using strong holders. It is better to use holders that can sustain the entire weight of the wall hanging. Although most of the metal prints come with a hanger, it is better to be prepared on your own from the beginning. 

Find a stud and Mark the spot

Metal wall prints are usually heavier than usual. Therefore, it is necessary to hang these places on a specific safe space. Therefore, you may consider finding a stud so that you can hang the print accordingly. Once you have found the stud, you will be required to hang the wall print. It is better to mark a vertical line to ensure that there is no inconvenience in the future. 

Know where you would place the hanger

Once you have found the spot, your initial step is to determine where you would need to place the hanger. It will help you determine how you would be placing the wire. You can consider measuring the spaces accordingly and mark the measurement using paper and pen. 

Screw the stud

You can still a screw in the wall so that it becomes easier for you to hang. It is better to be using long screw so that it can penetrate the walls and still have enough length left to hang your art piece. Based on the requirements, you may also be needed to drill a pilot hole. 

If you haven’t been able to find the wall art of your choice, you can prefer reaching out to experts at Big Acrylic. You can get to enjoy the services at an affordable rate. Working with experts will ensure that you get the best quality. 


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