5 Fun at-Home Date Night Ideas to Try

No matter how long you’ve been together, there might be a specific number of dates that you and your honey enjoy going on each month or year. But with the current pandemic, it’s changed the way couples go on dates forever.

Instead of spending time outside the house, more people are thinking about what an at-home date night will look like. We’re going to help you out and give you some fun things to do at home that are much more than Netflix and Chill.

1. Game Nights

If you’re into playing games, having a game night at home is one thing you’re going to want to do. There are plenty of games that you and your partner can play, including the following:

  • Adult games
  • Rummy
  • Trivia games
  • Scrabble

These are just a few of the suggestions we have, but you can play tons of games. And if you’re looking to ignite the passion of date night, make sure you lean more towards the couples adult games or make a wager depending on who wins or loses the game.

2. Set Up Tasting Stations

If you and your partner are major drinkers or foodies, what better date night to have than to set up a tasting inside your home. You could individually cook different bite-size foods and set them up at different places around your house.

At each station, pair a complimenting wine with the food served and take your partner on a food and beverage tasting. We recommend having a theme or story for each tasting station you set up to make things interesting.

3. Spa Date Night

After a long day of working hard, what could be better than spending your time unwinding and relaxing with your partner? During a spa date night, you can do several things that help to promote a relaxing atmosphere.

To pull off the ultimate spa date, you need to do things like:

  • Create a face mask
  • Grab some robes
  • Fill the bath with soothing bath bombs or Epsom salt
  • Provide water infused with cucumber and other aromatics

Before you know it, you’ll forget that you’re at home and begin to believe you’re spending the evening at the spa together. 

4. Paint and Sip

Everyone loves going to a paint and sip party, but you can also bring the party to your home. There are tons of DIY videos of things you can paint online.

Find your favorite beverage or make your own at home to sip on while you’re painting. Since you’re at home, you can also put out a few snacks that you both can enjoy.

At the end of the night, see which one of you painted the best painting.

5. Movie Night

We love a good movie night spent chewing on popcorn and other snacks while figuring out which character stole the money. Spend the night snuggling with your partner on the couch, enjoying each other’s time, and watching your favorite movies.

Try searching this homepage for movies you’ve never seen before, but know you’ll both enjoy.

At-Home Date Night: Spending Time Together Without Leaving Home

An at-home date night will help you save money while still giving you the chance to connect with your partner. There are tons of ideas that you can try, including setting up tasting stations around your home or creating your own home spa.

Get ready to have a date night that you’ll never forget, but first, check out our other posts.

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