Why is USIC at My House

Finding an unfamiliar company or contractor at your home can be a surprising and sometimes alarming experience. If you’ve noticed “USIC” marked vehicles or personnel around your property, you might be wondering, “Why is USIC at my house?” This article aims to demystify the presence of USIC and explain their operations in detail.

Understanding USIC: A Brief Overview

USIC, or U.S. Infrastructure Company, is one of the leading providers of underground utility locating services in the United States.

Purpose and Mission:

The primary objective of USIC is to identify, mark, and map underground utilities. This is crucial to prevent accidents, disruptions, and potential damages when excavation or construction work is planned in an area.

Reasons USIC Might Be At Your House

Here are the potential reasons for a USIC presence at or near your residence:

1. Planned Construction or Digging:

If you or your neighbors have planned any construction, landscaping, or digging activities, it’s a standard procedure to have underground utilities located first.

2. Routine Maintenance:

Sometimes, local utility providers schedule routine maintenance or inspections. Before they commence, they’ll often collaborate with USIC to ensure the area is safe for work.

3. Municipal or City Projects:

For city or community projects like roadworks, park enhancements, or sewer upgrades, USIC may be called in to map out underground utilities.

4. New Utility Installations:

If there’s a new utility line being installed in your neighborhood, USIC might be marking existing lines to aid the installation process.

The Importance of Underground Utility Locating

1. Safety:

Striking an underground utility line can lead to serious injuries, especially if the line is electrical or gas-related.

2. Financial Implications:

Damaging utility lines can result in hefty fines and repair costs.

3. Service Disruptions:

Unintentional damage can disrupt services not only for your home but possibly for your entire neighborhood or community.

What to Do When USIC is At Your House

1. Stay Informed:

Typically, if there’s a scheduled utility-related project, you should receive prior notification. If not, it’s good to ask and stay informed.

2. Provide Access:

Ensure that USIC technicians can access the areas they need. This might include unlocking gates or moving vehicles.

3. Respect Markings:

Once USIC marks utilities, ensure these markings remain undisturbed to prevent any accidents or mishaps during subsequent works.


1. How long does a USIC inspection usually take?
The duration can vary based on the size of the area and complexity of underground utilities. However, residential inspections typically are relatively quick.

2. Are USIC services expensive?
If you’re undertaking personal construction or excavation, the cost of utility locating is often minor compared to the potential cost of repairing damaged utilities.

3. Do I need to be home when USIC is working?
While it’s not always necessary, it might be helpful, especially if technicians need access to specific areas of your property.

4. Can I start my project as soon as USIC finishes marking?
It’s recommended to wait for an official go-ahead from your local utility or governing body before starting any excavation or construction.


USIC plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of construction and excavation projects. Their presence at your house usually indicates upcoming or ongoing projects aimed at enhancing or maintaining your community’s infrastructure. By understanding and cooperating with USIC teams, you contribute to the smooth completion of these projects and the safety of all involved.

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