Why Hiring VIP Protection Is a Great Idea

There are over 1 million security guards in the US and a small fraction work in VIP protection. What makes a personal security guard different from a regular security guard?

When we think about security guards, we may picture shopping centers, museums, and banks. These are all areas that require surveillance. These security guards are hired by a company to keep both the property and visitors safe.

VIP protection is different. If you need VIP protection, you can hire your own security guard who will do much more than just provided surveillance for your home or event.

Why is hiring VIP protection a good idea? Read on to find out.

Risk Profiling

Personal security guards don’t just provide physical security at your home or event. They use their investigative and research skills to provide risk profiling.

Risk profiling involves assessing the location a personal security guard has been asked to protect. This could be your home, an event venue, your office–anywhere that you want protection.

Then, they can weed out any potential security issues presented by these locations. This allows them to take the more proactive approach of putting security solutions in place before problems arise.

Advanced Training and Equipment

When you hire executive protection services, you hire individuals with extensive training and advanced equipment. As a public figure, you face different types of threats to your security than a typical shopping center or bank. That means that you need security guards who are more extensively trained in things like firearms defense and hand-to-hand de-escalation tactics.

Your personal security guard will come equipped with the personal security devices you need to stay safe. For example, if you need security while traveling, you can hire a security guard who will facilitate your travel by providing an armored vehicle. Many are even trained in emergency vehicle operation, which means that they can drive in dangerous situations. 

Personal Security and Image Security

Your VIP protection does more than protect your body. Personal security guards are trained to protect public figures, from politicians to artists to CEOs. They understand that the protection of your image is an important aspect of the job.

Don’t underestimate the necessity of creating a barrier between yourself and the paparazzi, over-excited supporters, and dangerous detractors. When you hire VIP protection, you can rest assured that these individuals will be kept at bay so that you can stay safe both in body and in image. 

Consider Hiring Your Own VIP Protection

If you’re new to the world of wealth or public attention, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of hiring your own, highly trained bodyguard. Make sure you stay safe and secure by getting VIP protection. Whether you need extra security for an event or for a lifetime, VIP protection can help.

Living the charmed life may come with extra security risks, but it also comes with increased opportunities for luxury. Take a look around to find out more about how you can make the most of your success.

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