Why Choose Local Flower Shop over Supermarket Flowers 

There is a common myth that flowers shops are expensive and less convenient. But, when you find the right flower shop, you can get both ready-made and customized bouquets for every occasion at the best price. In fact, flowers that are hand-arranged and hand-delivered by a local Lafayette co florist make a perfect gift. There are many benefits of ignoring supermarket flowers in favor of a local flower shop.

Flower shops vs. supermarket

So would you like to pick a bunch from the supermarket or prefer buying it from the best florist in Lafayette CO? Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of both the options.

One of the most significant advantages of buying flowers from the supermarket is the price. Yes, flowers from the supermarket are relatively cheaper than the local flower shops as they buy in bulk. Supermarkets buy flowers in huge quantities, so they pay less and sell them at a low price. And normally, they purchase lower quality flowers. The major disadvantage of buying flowers from the supermarket is poor quality . When you go to a supermarket, you can see buckets of flowers at room temperature that makes the flower look dull.

On the other hand, flower shops prioritize freshness, quality flowers, stunning design, and customized service. Yes, flowers sold by the florist are of much superior quality, and they pay attention to detail. A grocery store sells lower-grade flowers while the florist stocks premium blooms. Therefore, buying flowers from a good flower shop is a wise choice. Still not convinced? Take a look into these advantages a local flower shop offers.

Benefits of buying flowers from the local flower shops 

Wide range of flowers 

You can find only a few varieties of blooms at the grocery store, as many exotic flowers require specific care. So, you won’t find them at supermarkets. The local flower shops stock a wide range of unique, exotic flowers that the big-box store wouldn’t have. Also, they offer luxury packaging and wrapping so that your bouquet looks exceptional. Most florists offer same day flower delivery so you can have them delivered on the same day at the right time.


Whether you need bouquets for your friend’s birthday or funeral flowers, the Lafayette florist is skilled in creating memorable arrangements for any occasion. Moreover, they will also help you choose the right flower groupings and shades according to your needs. You can even get the arrangement customized according to your preferences, which is not possible with supermarket flowers.

Fair price 

While big stores brag about their low prices, they do not concentrate on quality. On the other hand, the best florist in Lafayette CO will strive to provide quality blooms at a fair price.

It is worth looking around a local florist. You will definitely find a great bargain, and you would be surprised at the service and quality that exceeds your expectation.


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