Why ax-throwing makes a great party?

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good party? Other than the usual good food, drinks, decor, the other thing that makes parties great are fun games. Talking about fun games ax-throwing is one of those fun party games that are enjoyed by people of all age groups be it, kids or adults. Suggestive to the name in this game all you have to do is hit a particular target using an axe.

It has been doing rounds in the US and Canada for the last couple of years with many axe-throwing clubs popping up. But this game still takes a lot of time to master and therefore it is always something entertaining no matter how many times your guests have tried it.

A Good Fun Activity:

Most games have this unique feature of knitting people together and creating better bonds, ax-throwing is also not something that differs from this idea. There are many ax-throwing clubs in the United States that welcome people to organize their parties at these clubs. Be it birthday parties, dates, team building, or bachelorettes, ax-throwing can be one unique experience for everyone. 

Most clubs also provide a personal ax-master who will be teaching you how to throw an ax and also organize simple fun games for your tribe. Children can try out this sport using replica axes which are provided by all clubs. Also, if you are thinking of organizing a cocktail party the replica axes are perfectly safe and secure for everyone. 

Stress Reliever:

Axe throwing can also be a great stress reliever. This sport is slowly gaining popularity owing to its historic roots and a sport that most people will vouch for. There are many standardized sets of rules and regulations that have been set by the “World Axe Throwing League” on throwing distance, target size, and point system that everyone has to abide by.

There are also many standardized safety precautions that are taken so that no one gets hurt. It is a fun, recreational activity enjoyed by everyone.

Historically, axes were used extensively to cut down trees, butcher animals, or be used as weapons in battles. Ironically these weapons are now being used for the sole purpose of entertaining large groups of people and bringing them together.
A Great Sport for the Party:

Axe-throwing can also be played as a competitive game by setting some strict rules. Similar to dart the closer the axe to the target more points are scored.

International axe-throwing day is celebrated every year on the 13th of June for raising more awareness about this urban sport and to attract more people to indulge in it.  On the occasion of International axe-throwing day, most ax-throwing clubs welcome people to try out this sport for free of cost.

More and more people are discovering this sport. Earlier, it was mainly famous in the USA and Canada, now it is reaching the European countries on demand.

So the next time you are thinking of doing something unusual yet something that everyone will enjoy, try axe-throwing it will definitely not disappoint you. Instead, you might develop a new hobby or interest and keep coming back again and again.


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