What You Ought to Know About July’s Birth Flowers

Everyone loves receiving flowers on their birthday. It’s a great way to mark a special day! Sending beautiful flowers to someone on their birthday is one of the best ways to let them know that you are thinking about them on their day.

Birth Flowers

Birth flowers symbolize the month that someone was born in and in ancient times, seasonal flowers were given as gifts on birthdays. Then, the flowers that most commonly bloomed in a certain month became the birth flower of that month.

So, here we have compiled a simple list of birth flowers corresponding to each month.

January – Carnation

February – Iris

March – Daffodil

April – Daisy

May – Lily

June – Rose

July – Delphinium

August – Gladiolus

September – Asters

October – Marigold

November – Chrysanthemum

December – Holly

Today, we can discuss July birth flowers in detail.

In addition to delphinium, July also has waterlily as its birth flower. All these July birth flowers have a beautiful appearance, rich history, and symbolism. You can get these flowers delivered at your doorstep through Providence flower delivery.

Delphinium/ Larkspur 

These vibrantly colorful blooms are tall spikes that come in hues of bright blues and purples. It is associated with infinite possibilities surrounding summer fun, love, and lightheartedness. In ancient times, these flowers were cultivated by Native Americans and Europeans to make blue dye. The strong scent of these blooms is considered to keep off scorpions and snakes.

Larkspur has an outstanding appearance and looks similar to orchids and also come in different colors, including pink, red, or white.

These long beautiful blooms symbolize the following in general,

  • Love
  • Romanticism
  • Positivity and
  • An open heart

The different color variations of these beautiful blooms also carry different meanings as follow:

  • Pink Larkspurs – Contrariness and Fickleness
  • Purple Larkspurs – Sweetness and first love
  • Blue Larkspurs – Dignity and Grace
  • White Larkspur – Happiness and easy-going nature

Tips to Take care of Your Larkspur Bouquet

Larkspur flower arrangements and bouquets need only a little care, unlike other flowers. The lifespan of larkspurs ranges from four days to a little over one week. So, watering them enough and keeping them away from hot environments ensures you give it a full life in its new home. You can ask your Providence florist for more tips.


Water Lily 

These colorful aquatic flowers are round and thick and come with sharp blades that give the flower a unique appeal. These flowers symbolize the following,

  • Beauty
  • Purity
  • Creation
  • Enlightenment and
  • Rebirth

If you are looking for a special birthday for a special person in your life, visit your nearest Providence flower shops. You can also opt for same day Providence flower delivery if you are in the last minute hurry.

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