What to Do If You Get a Second DUI? All You Need to Know

Getting a second DUI must be your biggest nightmare, as it can land you in jail. A Massachusetts DUI defense attorney can guide you about the next steps after you get a second DUI. This article is a complete guide about everything to do after getting a second DUI. Here we go!

What Is A DUI? 

Driving under the influence, abbreviated as DUI, is a criminal offense where a driver drives a vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or in an intoxicated state. The severity of the penalty increases if you have been found guilty before and it’s your second DUI leading to severe consequences.  

Severe Consequences Of A Second DUI

Some severe consequences that you may face after the second DUI are: 

  • Prolonged jail time 
  • Hefty fees and fine 
  • Over five years of prohibition 
  • Driver license suspension 
  • Installation of IID or ignition interlock device on your vehicle 
  • Cancellation of your vehicle insurance leads to huge losses 

Steps To Take After The Second DUI

1. Contact Your Experienced Lawyer 

Involving in a second DUI can lead to several complexities; thus, you need an experienced lawyer to collect evidence in your favor and fight for your rights in the courtroom. 

2. Prepare Statement Of Case 

Prepare a case statement or a statement of the case soon after you get arrested to ensure all details about the case are mentioned. Such cases take months and years to complete; thus, preparing a statement of case becomes vital as your memory may fade with time. 

3. Save Your Temporary License 

Once officers seal your permanent license, you are given a temporary license for 30 days that you can use for driving. Ensure you protect your temporary license while driving. 

4. Check Your Vehicle 

Examine your vehicle closely to make sure everything is aligned with the law and the vehicle is working properly. Some things to check are expired registration tags, broken tail lights or headlights, missing front license plates, excessive window tint, and others.

5. Avoid Social Activities And Networking Sites 

The last thing you may want after getting a second DUI is scrolling your social networking sites and posting drinking pictures, even if you were not guilty or a part of the incident. Doing so will adversely impact your case, resulting in imprisonment. 

How Can A Lawyer Help? 

A lawyer is a professional expert who collects evidence and helps you in protecting all your rights. 

Wrapping Up 

Getting a second DUI is not a favorable condition. Hire an attorney who can help you get out of this situation. 

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