What is the most effective method to stop smoking?

Smoking cigarettes can be considered as a bad habit. This is because the harmful effect that is possessed by smoking cigarettes is very strong. We all know that one cigarette contains a lot of chemical mixture that can be harmful towards our body. This includes nicotine, tar and also other chemicals. We also know that a smoker will have a higher chance of getting diseases such as lung cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), exacerbation of asthma attack and a lot of other lung diseases particularly. Hence, if you are a smoker, it might be a good idea for you to try and reduce your smoking habit. Better, you can try to stop smoking immediately. While smoking cessation can be quite tough, it is not an impossible thing to do. You just need to find the most effective method that works best for you. Below are some methods that you can choose to help you stop smoking:

  1. Nicotine replacement therapy

When you tell your doctor about your plan to stop smoking, your doctor will then suggest you to take go and try nicotine replacement therapy. This is a therapy that uses a wide range of options such as nicotine patch, lozenges, gum, nasal spray and also inhaler. The idea is to replace the intake of nicotine with something harmful other than cigarettes. You might find that this therapy is really helpful in the future.

  1. Avoid trigger

Some situations might trigger you to start smoking. Some people mentioned that situations such as stress, cold weather, casual discussion can become a trigger situation that might tell your brain to start smoking. By avoiding this type of situation, it can help you to stop smoking. You just need to identify your trigger and then you need to work on that.

  1. Exercise

Study has shown that exercising can help to reduce smoking habits. This is true because exercising can help to distract our attention towards smoking. Plus, you can also stay healthy by going for a regular exercise, that is killing two birds with a stone. It is recommended to exercise for at least 5 times per week with a 30-minutes session. If your schedule is too packed, you can start with 3 times per week first. You might feel healthier and your life will be an improvement.

  1. Practice relaxation technique

Most of the smokers mentioned that their number one reason to smoke is because of stress. Well, stress is the most common factor for most of us because it happens almost every day and everywhere. You may experience stress at school, workplace, home and other places at any time. Usually, people will turn to cigarettes if they are in a tough situation. This is where practicing relaxation techniques can be a great help. Whenever you are in stress, you can try to calm yourself down by practicing techniques such as deep breathing technique and yoga to help you feel at ease.

  1. Remind yourself everyday about the benefits

By the time you decide to stop smoking, it will be clear to you that doing this will give you a lot of benefits. Hence, you need to keep telling this to yourself. It is all about mental attitude. Yes, smoking cessation can be really hard. But, if you have the mental strength and motivation, it can be achieved quite easily. You just need to keep telling yourself about the benefits and harmful effects of smoking cigarettes. You might also want to occupy your place with encouraging words and keep reading about the benefits every day. One day, I am pretty sure you will not regret it.

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