What is Holding You Back From Fulfilling Your Potential?

Do you ever get the sense that you could be achieving more and enjoying your life better? This is not a rare sensation, but that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. If you feel you are falling behind in your potential, you may start to panic and become stressed about the possibility of your life passing you by. Fortunately, reevaluating your potential and finding new ways to fulfill it is never too late. Below are a few examples of why you might be struggling to meet your own expectations. Use this as a brief guide on how to identify your main challenges and overcome them.

You Are Indecisive

Indecision is a huge culprit when it comes to holding people back from reaching their goals. Not being able to decide which path to take can keep you stuck and stagnant. Learn to trust your decisions by building up from small, inconsequential ones to larger and more significant ones. Over time you will be able to make a choice out of various possible future pathways.

You Don’t Know the Steps to Take

Sometimes you might have decided on a route to take but have no idea how to begin the journey. A challenge, such as moving career or returning to education, can seem so imposing and vast that it is insurmountable. Break these types of aims into smaller steps. For example, you could find out more about university entry requirements at campusreel.org and move one step closer to returning to education. When you stop seeing the goal as a monolith, you will find it easier to tackle. If it helps, write down the steps in minute detail and take them on one at a time.

Your Goals Are Unrealistic

Unfortunately, sometimes the reason for unfulfilled potential is due to the end goal being far too unrealistic. While it is important to aim high and do your best, attempting the impossible isn’t always worthwhile. Understand your own abilities and limitations so that you can create goals that match your personal potential. This will lead to greater chances of success and satisfaction. At first, you may experience some disappointment if you feel that giving up on a dream is painful. However, once you have pushed through this initial discomfort, you will be free to redirect your efforts along a more productive path.

You Have Trouble Focusing

Perhaps you are decisive, you have planned out your necessary steps, and your goals are realistic. If you are still struggling to get anything done, this might be down to an acute inability to concentrate. This is nothing to be ashamed of, but it can severely obstruct you from achieving your goals. It can be helpful to speak to a professional therapist about this, as they can suggest solutions that are tailored to your specific situation and needs. Once you have started to manage your focus, you will find that other aspects of fulfilling your potential will fall into place.

When you identify what is holding you back from your goals, you will be able to fulfill your full potential. 

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