What Does The Chrysanthemum Flower Symbolize?

            Many people even deliberately plant flower plants in their home environment to add to the beauty of their yard. Thousands of types of flowers grow in various parts of the world, one of which is chrysanthemums, or known as mums. They can be beautiful accessories in the garden or home. People usually recognize this beautiful bloom for its colorful crown of bright yellow, burgundy, plum, white, pink, or lavender petals that bloom profusely in the fall.

            Chrysanthemums vary not only in color but also in size and shape. Not only is it easy to care for the plants. But it also can be made in various latest variations both from color and size to shape. They have two types, standard and spray type. The standard type of chrysanthemum will produce one bloom on one stalk. The spray-type will produce up to seven blooms in the blooming season only on one stem. It can last longer than other types. It is what makes them you can arrange into a bouquet or flower vase. Before giving your loved one this beautiful bloom, it’s a good idea to know the meaning or symbolism.

            Not only has the meaning of the color type, but the number of flowers given also has its philosophy. One stalk of chrysanthemum symbolizes a declaration of love. It means that there is only love between the giver and the recipient of the flower. Then to symbolize the union of two hearts using 12 stalks of them. To state that you are his secret admirer, 13 sticks of chrysanthemum is the precise number.

            If you give 24 chrysanthemums, this symbolizes that he is always on your mind every day for 24 hours. Apart from that, there are some symbols or facts present. The name of this elegant bloom comes from the Greek, Chrysos, and Anthem. They each have the meaning of gold and flowers. But now they know him more often as mums. Apart from being a beautiful bouquet, you can eat the flowers. Even the Chinese use it as traditional medicine. The Chinese often use the leaves as a stew as a side dish of vegetables in Chinese cuisine. They have benefits for digestion. For the flowers, they often use it as a tea scent. This tea is efficacious to increase endurance and prevent heart disease and stroke. Mums have a blooming time in November. Therefore, people make them as a marker of the coming of November. Chrysanthemum Is one of the Four Lords of China. Each of the four items includes orchids for spring, chrysanthemums for fall, bamboo for summer, and plum blossoms for winter.

Because it has exotic colors and perfect blooms, people often make mums ornamental flowers or arrangements. They have red, white, pink, yellow, orange, silver, blue, and purple colors. But like other flowers, each color of chrysanthemum has a different signification and symbol. Therefore, you should know the symbolism of each color of chrysanthemums before giving them to your loved ones. Because what you want to convey must be in line with the meaning of the chrysanthemum flower. Don’t let them feel offended by your ignorance. The following is the meaning of each color.

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  1. Red: It represents expressing your feelings. This red color is perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift. They are perfect as a compliment when you are planning to ask her out and even marry her.
  2. Pink: It is a symbol of love and romance. You can use it as a surprise gift for your boyfriend whenever you want. Because giving a loved one a surprise does not have to wait for her special day.
  3. Orange: It symbolizes the feeling of tender love. You can give it when you fight with your boyfriend. Who knows, your apology with this sweetest bouquet can melt your lover’s heart.
  1. White: It has the meaning of holiness, innocence. It also has a symbol of honesty and loyalty. So, if you get this pure and pure white chrysanthemum as a gift, it means that your boyfriend has high trust in you. White chrysanthemums are known as funeral flowers which have a meaning as a tribute to the deceased. And they are usually given in the form of funeral wreaths.
  2. Violet: violet chrysanthemum means a strong passion for healthy living. It is a perfect choice as a gift for your loved ones while they are being hospitalized. Because gifting healed flowers will bring a smile to their faces. And it contributes to their speedy recovery.
  3. Yellow: It means joy and optimism. But some interpret that yellow chrysanthemums have the meaning of rejected. It can mean one-sided love. So if your lover gives you yellow chrysanthemums, you need to be wary of his feelings. Is his heart really for you or someone else?
  4. Blue: It is a symbol of the end of a relationship and has forgotten the pain of a breakup. This flower is suitable for you to give to your friend who is in love. Make it a symbol to start a new life from adversity due to a breakup.

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