What Are the Different Types of Wedding Themes That Are Popular Today?

Getting married soon? Congratulations, but now comes the difficult part: planning it!

Before you sit down and list decor, cake themes, and dresses, you have to pick a theme. Wedding themes set each celebration apart. Your theme defines how the wedding looks and feels. 

Fortunately, there are many types of wedding themes to choose from and we’ve listed some of the most popular ones right here. Continue reading our list below for some of the best wedding ideas.

Vintage Wedding Theme

Vintage doesn’t always mean retro or rustic. It has a bit of both but the biggest aspect to it is an old-fashioned, antique tone. Vintage wedding themes take the countryside approach to the 1920s while the art deco (which we’ll discuss below) covers the sleek city look of that era.

Use lace instead of runners, antique wooden chairs, and use a vintage car to arrive and depart. Add some flair by tying cans to the back of the car. This was an old practice to announce to people that the couple inside recently got married.

Rustic Barn Wedding

You can’t go wrong with a rustic barn wedding theme. It’s a romantic wedding theme that utilizes old wood, warm lights, subtle colors. Keep the tables bare but flourish them with glassware and candles. 

The brown, earthly tones and the warm lights illuminating the barn can make for one very romantic evening. It’s a more intimate theme and one fit for a wedding involving fewer guests.

If you’re on a tight budget or you want to DIY aspects of your wedding, you can’t go wrong with a rustic barn wedding. It’s not as exaggerated or fancy as the other themes on this list. It focuses instead on warmth and intimacy.

Beach Wedding

Destination weddings will always stay popular and there’s no better destination than the beach. The location already does most of the wedding planning for you. You simply need to find a resort that handles weddings and see if their packages cater to your needs.

Beach weddings can tackle two main themes: nautical and preppy.

Nautical is when you dress everything in white and blue. Decor focuses primarily on emulating the look and feel of being on a boat. Rent a yacht for the party to truly live up to the theme.

Preppy is a lot less stressful to plan. It’s a casual style that focuses on chic looks, bright colors, and a focus on having fun.

Art Deco

Let’s go back to the 1920s. However, instead of going for a vintage look, it’s time to style everything in black and gold. There’s a stronger focus on sleek metal, glass, and fancy silk. 

To fully liven up the theme, play big band jazz music and countryside blues. 

This is the kind of theme that allows the bride, groom, and guests to dress up stylishly. It’s the theme where jewelry, formal but stylish suits, fedoras, and flashy hairstyles shine. Play around with ballroom dances, 

Keep in mind that the art deco theme can cost quite a bit, especially for the decor. It requires a lot of meticulous planning too. 

Bohemian Theme

Going on the opposite end is the Bohemian theme. Take the “I woke up like this” image people love taking on Instagram and then apply it to an entire wedding. It’s carefree, casual, and humble. 

This theme emphasizes comfort. Allow the bridesmaids to pick their dresses instead of restricting them to one design. Place couches and tons of pillows to further emphasize the relaxed nature of the wedding.

You’ll want to use flowers that offer soft colors but still explode with style. Go with Baby’s Breath or pressed palms. A few carnations here and there can also help create the right atmosphere for this theme.

Casual Garden

If you want something simple but sits between traditional formal and carefree-casual, you can’t go wrong with a garden wedding theme. It’s a staple in the wedding industry for a reason: it brings a traditional look and tone without requiring stiff formality. 

String lights, soft flowy white cloths, and spring flowers should take centerstage. These create enough ambiance to the garden and you can DIY the rest of the decor if you so choose. 

Modern Wedding Theme

If you want a traditional wedding, there’s always the modern wedding theme. This can seem bland to some but with a good wedding planner, they can spice it enough to make it feel unique and beautiful.

Traditional themes follow recognizable patterns: white is the dominant color, there are white balloons, the celebration follows a typical schedule, and you can expect roses and carnations as the flowers of choice.

Most modern weddings follow a formal aesthetic. If you want something more casual but not outright Bohemian, you can try the last theme on this list: the whimsical wedding.


Add a photo booth, bright fairytale designs, watercolor hues, and plan all sorts of games. This type of wedding can still look formal to a tee but it carries all the fun of a young romantic couple. 

This is the theme where the bridesmaids don’t need to wear matching dresses. Buy a large and fanciful cake but don’t forget to have fun by serving champagne. Keep the bar open and let people walk around during the celebration.

The focus of this theme is to simply have fun. Let that tone shine throughout by reducing restrictions and keeping the decor laidback and simple.

Try Out the Different Types of Wedding Themes

These are some of the most popular types of wedding themes today. There’s something for everyone, from those who love classic old weddings to couples hoping for something intimate and romantic. 

Of course, picking a theme is only the first step.

If you found this guide informative and you want to learn even more, we invite you to read our other posts today. Discover all the family and entertainment tips you need right here!

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