What Are the Benefits of Running off on an Elopement?

Have you recently become engaged?

If so, congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

Now it’s time to start planning your wedding. This can be an exciting process, but it can also be rather stressful. That’s because there are tons of decisions to make within a limited window of time.

Fortunately, you have other options. For example, you could choose to elope rather than have a traditional wedding. You might be surprised by the number of people who’ve opted for elopement in recent years for a variety of reasons.

This article takes a look at why more and more smart newlyweds are choosing a stripped-down, simplified wedding to start their marriage rather than plan a big event. Keep reading to learn more.  

Less Planning

Let’s start by discussing the need to plan a wedding. It’s no secret that the planning process can be extremely time-consuming. That’s because there are thousands of details to keep track of and endless decisions to make.

This can obviously become a huge headache. Especially if you plan to invite hundreds of guests.

In fact, wedding planning is such a cumbersome experience that many engaged couples end up hiring a professional wedding planner to help make the process more pleasant. Keep in mind that wedding planners are great but they’re also expensive.

Saves Money

This is perhaps the most attractive aspect of avoiding a big wedding. 

Weddings are expensive events that only last a few hours. Therefore the only thing you’re really getting for your moment is a memory. 

But more and more, engaged couples are choosing to spend the money on an exciting honeymoon or to provide a financial foundation for their new life together. 

This is obviously a personal decision, but eloping really makes the most economic sense, especially when you aren’t independently wealthy.

Less Stress

Make no mistake, planning a big wedding can be stressful. This can actually reduce the amount of enjoyment your experience at the event itself.

Why? Because you’ve been so focused on making everything perfect that you’ve forgotten to remember the meaning of the event. 

Here’s a great resource that can help plan your perfect elopement.

It’s Safer During COVID

Eloping is also a smart move during the pandemic. After all, the fewer people you have at a gathering of family and friends, the more you can guarantee that everyone will remain safe and healthy.

Less Drama

A big wedding also involves a lot of family drama. There are a million reasons why this happens, thus you would probably be better off avoiding it.

It’s a Great Chance for Adventure

Eloping can be an adventure. That’s because it’s like sneaking off to start your life together rather than creating a spectacle where you’re surrounded by family and friends.

The Benefits of Elopement for Newlyweds

There’s no denying that getting married is one of the most exciting times in life. Fortunately, this guide to the benefits of elopement shows that this is a great way to save money while still making the most of this special occasion.

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