What all you can see in Vlore? Important places to visit in Vlore

The coastal city of Adriatic coast, Vlore, is a beautiful Mediterranean region, and an important tourist place. Albania Vlore is a major port city known for sandy beaches. The best time to visit Vlore would be during summers. If you love to swim, then travel from May to October to swim in the sea and enjoy the warm waters. Apart from sparkling beaches, Vlore’s history dates back to sixth century BC, and at that time also it was popular for vineyards, olives and salt production. Popular for monuments, fortresses and mosques, they were all built by Ottomans for Vlore was the first port city for he Ottomans.

Explore Albania’s culture by checking in museums and fortresses

On your visit to Albania Vlore, you cannot miss out museums. For those who want to explore cultural traditions, Vlore museums must top the list of must-visit places. It is interesting to note that Albania independence got declared in Vlore itself. So, you will find museums that are solely dedicated to Vlore’s independence. Similarly, the mosque of Muradie is again important to visit. Constructed in 1542, the Muradie mosque was designed by Sinani.

Castle Kanina: a must-visit castle

Are you planning to take a cultural tour in Albania Vlore? You cannot miss out on Castle Kanina then. It was very popular in the medieval times and is currently located in the Kanina village. For those who want to visit old castles, there is no dearth of such castles in Vlore. Pay a visit to Porto-Palermo, Ilias and Himara for you will find several castles in these places.

Visit the religious places of cultural importance

Important religious places in Vlore are must-see. Visit the popular Monastery Saint Mary, the Church of St. Mistri and Mesodhia in Vuno, Church St. Sotiri in Vuno. Again, you may visit museums like Museum of History and Museum of Ethnography. There are various accommodation facilities available out here. Vlore is known for cultural heritage and rich natural beauty, and this is why, so many tourists are drawn like magnets here.

Sandy beaches

In Vlore, Albania, you have the option to enjoy sandy beaches. Visit the Adriatic Sea sandy beach on a sunny day and enjoy the sands. Have a look at the famous cultural artifacts that stretch back to 6th century BC.

Albania is a popular tourist and holiday destination with remarkable sights and has great historical significance. So, what are you waiting for? Book a ticket to Albania Vlore.

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