Weird Gift Ideas For Your Quirky Friend

Weird Gift Ideas For Your Quirky Friend

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Everyone loves a thoughtful gift. A gift shows how much you care about the other person and what you think of them. It also shows off your personality. The gifts you choose for others can define your tastes in items you like. Good quality gifts can create a good impression on the person you’re going to gift them to. When you gift something unique, it tells the receiver that you care. And at times, it becomes imperative that you think outside the box. You might think, what gift will your friend might useful? Is there something he or she needs that you can gift them? There are people who don’t seem to “need” anything. They have everything they can possibly want. So, to impress them with your gift becomes a particularly challenging task. Continue reading to learn more about unique gift ideas.

Genre Specific Book:

You might wonder, a book? How is that an original idea? Everyone knows books are great gifts; what’s weird or fun about that? You can gift someone a generic book bought from any gift store or hunt down that perfect witty, funny book that your friend will love to read. It can be from the author he or she loves or a new author they haven’t heard of. For example, here are some titles you might try: “I Can’t Date Jesus,” “All My Friends Are Dead,” “Everyone Poops”, and so on. You get the gist; now, find that perfectly odd book for your buddy.

Finger Puppets:

The idea that a grown man would put on finger puppets and play with them is out of the world funny. Have you seen anyone put on finger puppets? You cannot hold your laughter. There are different models of finger puppets available in the market. Some are puppets, while others are plastic models. You will find them available in any gift shop or online.

Human Teeth:

Have you ever seen a set of human teeth open on a table? It is incredibly creepy. It would make a perfect gift for your friend (depending on his humor). If you have older friends, they might even consider saving the perfect pair of teeth just in case they need them in the near future.

Sequin T-Shirt:

It is not the 00s anymore. No one in their right mind would wear a sequin shirt. But they make nice, quirky gifts. You can pick any picture and make it into a sequin design on a t-shirt. You can even pick an ugly photo of your friend and turn it into a shirt. The picture will come to life when you run your hands over the shirt. You may also give them a meme t-shirt. Memes are always funny.


We aren’t teens anymore; what can we do with stickers? Am I right? Actually, no. Since we are talking about dumb gifting ideas, stickers of any sort fit in perfectly. There are so many cool stickers available in the market to choose from. For example, if you like goth culture, check out kaws skeleton stickers and get it for your friend. There are stickers that glow in the dark, and others are just plain stupid. Getting a bunch of these stickers will make your friend LOL for sure.

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