Ways to Obtain Precise Quote to Ship a Car

Shipping Rate is one of the most frequently asked questions when shipping cars between destinations? There are many factors that you need to consider when deciding the shipping rate. This article will equip you with all information to get an auto transport quote.

What Factors Impact the Vehicle Shipping Quotes?

The auto transport quote varies from one company to another. The following factors can be responsible for it.

  • Model, make, and year of the car that you want to ship
  • Size of the car: Larger and bulkier vehicles cost more compared to smaller and lighter ones.
  • Distance to be travelled: Shipping between longer distances proves too expensive.
  • Location: The shipping cost may reduce when transporting to major cities in the world. This is because of the greater availability of trucks and convenient freeway access.
  • Transport type: Open carriers are affordable than enclosed carriers. Choose the latter option only when you are planning to transport exotic cars that need more protection.
  • Season: Car shipping is expensive in the summer months due to people choose this time for a vacation. Choose off-season to save money.
  • Time frame: Book car shipping at least a month in advance as immediate shipping can incur more charges.

One of the best car shipping companies is Ship A Car. The company offers reliable and efficient shipping of cars across different nations.  

Steps to Request an Online Quote

Tesla starts shipping Model Y truckloads out of the factory - Electrek

  • Start by filling the quote form. Herein you will need to provide appropriate information about your cars like make, year, model, and origin and destination for shipping, the condition of the vehicle, pickup and drop-off dates. You can even call up at the call center and give the details to the customer service agent of the company.

This information will assist the auto transporter to identify your distinctive needs. It will help the trucking company to learn about: dates, specifics, and directives, about the vehicle that you need to transport.

Tell them about the preference for an enclosed or open carrier. Note that if it is a large car or a vintage car that needs delicate handling, the shipping cost will increase. Based on this, you will also get an instant quote for auto transportation via email, or SMS.

  • Get the quote only a month in advance. This is because season-based changes such as weather, road construction, traffic, actual vehicle weight, truck availability, changes in demand, and supply can disrupt transport timelines.
  • Provide the exact zip codes to make it easier to pick up and transport.
  • You can obtain quotes from various car carriers. Choose the best one based on price, transport type, and time frame.

What Are the Ways to Reduce the Car Shipping Cost?

Some ways can help reduce the cost incurred on shipping. If you plan to ship multiple vehicles simultaneously, then you will be charged less due to economy of scale. It is beneficial for dealers who transport hundreds of vehicles on an annual basis. Shiply a shipping company offers the perfect solution for you to ship your car with ease . They ship car from all over the world. If you want to find out more about a shipping company like Shiply, visit their website to know more.


The company that offers the cheapest shipping quote may not be the best one. The best auto transport company is the one that is reputable and provides you the greatest service in return. You must check the BBB ratings, and reviews before you arrive.

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