Ways to choose a comfortable Shapewear for you

Every style conscious woman knows the importance of shapewear- be it for work or gym or just a casual outing. But, can you wear shapewear daily and still feel comfortable? Well, absolutely! But you simply can’t just wear a high compression bodysuit under formal wear and feel light and flexible. You need to know which shapewear you should wear according to your body, occasion and weather. Here are some tips to pick comfortable shapewear for you.

Get the right fit

The first step to ensure that you have chosen a comfortable shapewear is to make sure it fits appropriately. Every shapewear at SculptShe has been curated and tested for a particular body size. Just like a bra needs precision fit, the same is the case with shapewear.

You need measurements of your bust, hips and waist. For hip and bust, measure the full part while for waist measure the narrow. Make sure you don’t hang the tape loose or too tight, just the right fit. 

Once done, match it with the sizing chart on the website. If your measurement lies somewhere in between, go with the larger size. Trust us, it is not comfortable to wear a small size garment.

Select the right style for your body type

Different women have different body types and shapes and shapewear manufacturers manufacture shapewear accordingly. For better comfort, you should select shapewear designed specifically for your body type.

If you are a plus size, you may find shapewear pinching and poking in places, they shouldn’t. Hence you should choose plus size waist trainer with a shorter cut at the waist. It will make you look flawless and give you a comfortable fit. There is a big selection of shapewear designed for plus sizes to make them feel sexy, confident and slim.

It is important to consider your waist to hip and waist to bust ratio. If you are curvy, you should avoid some styles like a vest style shapewear with straps. No matter what style of shapewear you choose, it should fit like a glove and make you feel attractive and comfortable.

Go with different compression levels

Shapewear are available in different compression levels. If you want a sculpting and slimming look, go for high compression shapewear, but if you prefer light smoothing, then a light compression shapewear will be sufficient for you.

Major high compression garments are waist and thigh trainer, bodysuit and corset. They render a perfect hourglass figure to you. Light compression garments include camisoles, shaping panties etc. They smooth out the target areas such as tummy and hips.

For high comfort, select shapewear styles which are suitable according to the event and the weather. For casual outings in hot climate, go with light compression garments. But if you need a stunning look for a night party, then a high compression bodysuit will give you best results.

Break it in

Just like a pair of shoes, you need to break in some shapewear. This is true in high compression shapewear such as waist and thigh trainer. So, make sure you start by wearing it for an hour or two and then gradually increase the time so that you get comfortable wearing it for 8-10 hours. 

All in all, a good fit shapewear will help you be comfortable wearing them all day.

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