Underserved COVID-19 communities receive assistance from Dr. Michael Everest Danny Trejo Bibles and Tacos, Amongst Others

COVID-19 has caused a lot of problems in different pockets of the world. In just a short amount of time, people from all walks of life have seen their lives turned upside down, and the recovery is harder for some than others.

Dr. Michael Everest is just one person who started focusing on the underserved areas in his home area of Los Angeles. Others have joined him as well, including actor Danny Trejo. In fact, Dr. Michael Everest and Danny Trejo’s bible and tacos have created a partnership to make it so people have one less thing to worry about when getting through this pandemic.

Creating an outreach program

With an idea in place, Everest and Trejo needed to find a place to have the outreach program. They wanted to make sure that it was in the right neighborhood that was easily accessible, and it needs to be a safe place to provide testing. While the testing was essential, they also wanted a place to hand out bibles and even food for those who wanted it.

They settled on the Kedren Community Health Center, and they were quickly able to make sure that there was free COVID-19 testing for all. This option was essential to offer in this part of the community, with limited access early on during the spreading period. Everyone was scrambling for help, and having a centralized location in different pockets of major cities helped tremendously.

Providing A Warm Welcome To Everyone

When people noticed what Dr. Michael Everest Danny Trejo bibles and tacos were doing for the community, they might initially think that it is only for those who are religious. There were bibles available, and many prayers were said, but those in charge made sure that it was not too over the top with religion. This was to make COVID-19 testing as welcoming as possible. The last thing anyone wanted was someone staying away because religion became too much of a factor. COVID-19 has affected people from all walks of life, and this is a time to be as accepting as possible. 

They handed out food and bibles with no questions asked, while also opening up testing opportunities. No one has turned away during this time, even when lines started to grow and wait times extended.

For the religious, interacting with many of the volunteers and others in the community was made as easy as possible. There was a dedicated area with social distancing for everyone to have their time with the Lord if needed. It was a very welcomed sign to see the entire community come together as one.

Praise From The Event

Shortly after the completion of the event, many similar events popped up with different names. Everest and Trejo received significant praise for their role in helping to put it together, and they quickly deflected it to the numerous healthcare workers making the event as stress-free as possible. A lot of work behind the scenes went into making something like this happen with limited prep time.

Everest, who is in charge of The Everest Foundation, has continued to donate money and help different causes during these trying times. Where help is needed, especially in the greater Los Angeles area, people can get what they need with so many additional resources. A lot of others have stepped up at this time, showing a sense of community that so many love seeing during this time.

The biggest issue with the pandemic revolves around handling those with the virus, but the food and prayer also helped those facing uncertain times. Even those who have not dealt with the virus itself are feeling indirect effects. 


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