Ultimate Korean Fashion Style Guide for Women

Can you name the country in the west that is growing immensely in terms of popularity? Yes, it is Korea. The place has not only taken the world ahead with its unique style of music, dance, and other talents but also in terms of fashion.

Fashion is Noteworthy in Korea

Also, drama and beauty products of Korea are to getting known and loved to all. Fashion is something noteworthy. You will be surprised by the harmony, sense of community, and traditional values in the association.

Best Guide in Terms of Fashion for Korean Women

With thousands of stores in Korea, it is becoming difficult for fashion enthusiasts, especially women, to select the preferred style. If you are also among them, relax! Below is the ultimate fashion guide that will help a lot in styling on your outfit in the best possible manner:

Check the Below Points:

Covering Up the Cleavage– An exposed chest is something that frowns people in Korea. Though you may move on your way with bare shoulders in cities like Seoul, people in towns consider it to be highly scandalous. Also, it may result in lots of stares.

Though off shoulders along with cold shoulder tops and crop tops are getting popular, it is not preferable to show off the back portion or stomach to a great extent.

Exposing the Legs– It is not unusual in Korea to completely cover up the top part. You may show your legs. This makes shorts along with miniskirts compulsory in the wardrobe if you are searching for a unique Korean style statement, better to with skirts comprising a high waist.

Along with balancing your entire outfit, it will help extend your legs’ length in the best way. You may tuck your shirt inside to accentuate your waistline and look slimmer. A-line, tennis skirt and bodycon are some highly popular types of skirts. To reflect a sporty look, the miniskirt may be paired with a cap and oversized shirt.

Oversized Dress Materials– If you are a fashion lover and planning to flaunt your style statement openly, then an oversized and loose-fitting clothing material will be the best. Horizontal stripes, especially Breton shirts, are among highly popular style statements.

For creating a balanced silhouette, it is best to combine your clothing with tennis shorts. For a sweet look, you may use a loud print. It is good to tuck your shirt so that it does not look too sloppy. Combining a tight top with loose pants will also help in flaunting the desired style statement.

Layering – Layering will be your best friend, as too much exposing the upper skin is not an appropriate option. You may combine camisoles, jumpers, and aprons with a t-shirt, bottom-up shirt, and turtle neck.

Jackets manufactured using denim will also help in making the style statement. It is a good idea to play around and experiment with layering. Dresses over pants and socks will also help in producing a stylish look.

Combining of Prints Together– Addition of prints to the outfit will provide an extra touch of style statement. Among all options, checkered dresses are highly lovable ones. You must not refrain from combining prints altogether.

It will be a good option for couples who are planning to match up by wearing the same pattern while running on the street.

Stylish Sneakers– Whatever style statement you prefer, it will remain incomplete without a pair of stylish sneakers. Though high heeled shoes are worn quite often, sneakers serve must-haves in the wardrobe of Korean women.

Whether it is feminine dress or shorts manufactured by denim, sneakers will add that extra little street-stylish look to your entire outfit. Along with sneakers, socks that have crazy patterns and good height will reflect a good character of the wearer.

Putting Up School Uniform In A Different Manner– Stylishly wearing the school uniform is highly recognized in Korean fashion. You may come up with a style statement by pairing the same with button-up shirts, a-line skirts, and blazers.

To give a finishing touch, it is advisable to include a beret or pair of long socks.

Ripped Jeans– People who are searching perfect casual wear to be worn during both day and night must opt for ripped jeans. They are special types of Yishion Clothes that are available in various colors and variable price ranges.

Ripped jeans will enhance the confidence level of the wearer, thus pleasing the eyes of every viewer. They are simple but sufficient to let the wearer flaunt her style statement.

Dressing Over the Blouse– The trend of dressing over the blouse remains dominant every spring and summer. To be precise, it will carry on for a long period, maybe for decades. In Korea, women prefer this style statement for exposing their shoulders and areas of the chest.

The trend of dressing over the blouse is loved by all young girls as well as celebrities. It can be worn over during the scorching sun too.

Wearing Pastel-Colored Dresses– Light colors are no doubt very cute, youthful and provide an easy feeling on eyes. Taking this point into account, women in Korea prefer going with pastel-colored dress materials.

These dresses, along with brightening up the look, will also match the season especially spring perfectly.

Adding Some Finishing Touch– After you are done with the outfit, it is time to add some finishing touch. Adding a headgear will help a lot in completing the entire costume. Additional items that may help give a finishing touch may include big round glasses, jewelry, and many more.

Long drop earrings, along with loops, will be a great match in reflecting a fashion statement.

To Sum It Up

These are some exclusive style statements in Korea that are highly popular among women. Flaunting the style statement today no more remains a challenge today. With many choices available, selecting the most suitable option will be a small piece of toast. It’s time to grab one now and transform into a cute Korean girl look.

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