Transportation between the Cairns and Port Douglas airports

Anyone will agree that Tropical North Queensland is an unforgettable experience – swaying palms, empty beaches, rainforests full of waterfalls, and one of the most extensive coral reefs in the world, it is an absolute must on the bucket list!

Port Douglas is one of the most well-known holiday destinations in Australia, connected by a scenic coastal drive (The Great Barrier Reef Drive). It hassevere charm and character. There is much to see, and the following itinerary can help you plan your getaway to paradise.

Cairns is known as the Gateway of Tropical North Queensland because it is the largest urban center with both domestic and international terminals. The city of Cairns offers a wide variety of activities, but it also serves as an excellent base for exploring other parts of the region, with many tours departing from the city.

From luxury hotels to backpacker hostels, Cairns offers an array of accommodation options. Whether exploring the depths of the natural world or exploring the town itself, it’s the ideal spot to relax and unwind.

The Majestic Cairns and Port Douglas

Port Douglas is known for flop-and-drop resorts, luxury resorts, and boutique accommodation, where no buildings stand taller than coconut trees. You can relax here and enjoy the chill tropical vibes, but if you want to take on some adventure, there are plenty of opportunities available as well. Regardless of whether you stay a few extra days or return at another time, each center is worth checking out for its unique character.

Locals in Cairns know that there is only one way to reach Port Douglas from Cairns, and it’s by vehicle. If you are a local and have access to a boat, the options do increase, but for the average tourist, the road is usually the most convenient option. The tourism industry once offered boat transfers between Cairns, Palm Cove, and Port Douglas. Hopefully, we can see that service restored post-Covid.

Generally, it takes about an hour to travel from Cairns, which is only about 70km away. Even so, taking in the natural beauty of Tropical North Queensland is worth taking some extra time to do. Moreover, there are so many “postcard” photo opportunities along the way, for the best spot, you’re hands down looking at the place where the rainforest meets the reef.

It’s definitely worth your time to travel to Port Douglas if this is your first time in Australia, despite its distance from Queensland’s capital city! The shortest way to get from Sydney to Port Douglas is by air or rail (the rail option will take you to Cairns while the air option will take you to Port Douglas).

Port Douglas can be reached from Cairns in several ways, including airport transfers, rental cars, and rail. In spite of Port Douglas’ lack of an airport, there are many ways to reach Cairns, which is the closest one. At Cairns Airport, you can fly domestically, internationally, or in general aviation. Select international locations are also accessible and most significant cities in Australia.

Cairns to Port Douglas Private Transfers

Cairns Airport Transfers offers private Cairns to Port Douglas transfers as an alternative to a limousine transfer. All drivers are professionally qualified, and the vehicles are modern and comfortable. Tickets cost $125 each for a maximum of two passengers.

How far is Port Douglas from Cairns?

From Cairns to Port Douglas by road is 67 kilometers, and only accessible by road, and you should allow at least 1 hour for the journey.

What is the recommended length of stay in Port Douglas?

What is the number of days you require in Port Douglas? You’re not going to be able to answer that question because it really depends on how much you want to accomplish.

The general consensus is that Port Douglas should be visited for at least three days. If you plan correctly, you will have plenty of time to see the essential sights – but even if you do, you can spend several weeks in Port Douglas and still have plenty of fun.

Make a list of all the things you really want to do and see in Port Douglas before deciding on how many days to spend there. Identify precisely what you’d like to see and do (and what you don’t mind doing), and you’ll be much more successful in estimating how long you should spend there.

Ensure that you leave plenty of free time for yourself for maximum experience! Booking two or three days ahead of your trip will ensure that you will have no need to hurriedly move from one excursion to another without having any chance to savor it.

Port Douglas and Cairns have plenty of things to see.

The Northern Beaches are the primary spot you’ll pass prior to arriving at The Douglas Shire north of Cairns, but there is SO much more to see, have a look at here for more details including the best island to visit.


There are convenient and affordable options to travel from Cairn’s airport, including shuttle bus services and transfers and where you’ll be met by a service driver when you arrive at the terminal. The professional driver will escort you to your vehicle upon your arrival at the airport. The driver will drive you in an air-conditioned and well-maintained vehicle. Numerous services are available every day of the week those will take care of your airport transfers so you won’t have to worry about finding a taxi. Shared transfers are a great way to save money and stress.

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