Top Photo Tips For Amazing Pictures

Let’s talk about resolutions. It does not matter if you are a beginner photographer or a high-level photographer with a DSLR camera. These top photo tips are timeless, proven, true, and range from point-to-focus and perspective-to-panorama.

1: Get Closer

Get close and fill the frame with your subject without much thought. Does what is in the background complement the photo? In some cases, what’s behind or to the side of your main subject can help tell the story, but when it doesn’t help, delete it. Visit famoid on instagram here.

A step closer or use the zoom lens. Focus on the details, expressions, and textures that make your subject special. Visit

2: What Is Hidden Behind

Distracting lines, lots of obstructions, reflections, objects popping out of your subject’s head – any one of these things can turn a great photo into a not-so-good one, or one that may need tinkering. Before pressing the shutter button, look at all areas of the frame.

See something you don’t want to see? Change your position or change your subject’s position until you get a better frame. Check books on amazon here.

3: Focus, Lock And Then Re-Compose

All Nikon cameras allow you to lock focus on a subject. To use this function, frame your image, focus on your subject, and then press the shutter release button halfway and hold it. Now you can reframe your image to create a more engaging composition while keeping the focus on your subject. Go to


Photograph every day. Make a photo journal. Set yourself tasks. Make up your own Themed Photo Challenge per day and make this a ritual to post on social media. Once your family and friends see you share an image every day, they will become your biggest fans. Nothing better than approval and positive feedback to stay inspired. Visit Fameoninsta website to get more information.

Pay attention to these photo tips for amazing pictures, and you will be on your way to stardom with the admiration of your family and friends. See the full price list here.

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