Top 5 Ideas for Christmas Card Messages

If you’re already starting to plan your Christmas, you’re not alone. The tradition of Christmas in July goes all the way back to the 1930s. In general, it’s a wonderful way to make you’re ready when the moment comes. 

However, Christmas shopping in the summer doesn’t have to be limited to Christmas gifts. Christmas card messages are just as important, allowing you to say something personal and contextualize the gift you give.

If the idea of a Christmas card stresses you out, and you always find yourself short of Christmas card ideas, you’ve come to the right places. This article will walk you through some Christmas message ideas to help you get through the holiday season.

1. Incorporate Humor 

If you have a generally funny relationship with someone you’re giving a gift to, or just know that you share a sense of humor with someone close, it’s a great idea to work in some Christmas humor to your message. Quote a movie you both like, an inside joke the two of your share together, or share a personal experience you had that reminded you of them. . . anything to get a laugh! 

If you’re not that close with someone, you can still make them laugh. Share them a quote from a humorous piece of Christmas media, such as A Christmas Story, Elf, The March of the Wooden Soldiers, or a Christmas-themed episode of The Office. 

2. Use Religious Quotes 

For many people, Christmas is a secular holiday associated with the spirit of giving, family, and joy. However, to some people, Christmas is still a serious holiday that deals with the coming of Christ. If you have a relative that you know is pious, consider including a religious quotation to go along with your message. 

It’s always a safe bet to include a bible verse. However, let’s look at some other options. 

You can look for famously religious celebrities and find what they have to say about Christmas. Or, you can do some research into Christian theologians and philosophers and find what their quotes about Christmas are. This might be the best option since you’re likely to share something they haven’t considered before. 

3. Something From the Heart 

If you’re writing a Christmas card to a best friend, significant other, child, grandparent, or another family member that you’re close to, it might be best to write something sincere and from the heart. However, it’s important to make sure that it’s personal and doesn’t get caught in maudlin sentimentality and nostalgia, which can feel insincere. 

The best way to write these types of messages is to write something that only the person receiving the gift would understand. Let them know a perspective you have on a memory that you both shared. Try to illuminate a side of your love for them that you’ve never quite shared before, and the message is far more likely to seem sincere.

If you want to share a quote with them on a piece of media, it might be best to share a quote from a book or a song. Books and songs generally have very close connections to people’s lives. Add a personal riff on it, and your message is likely to be perfect. 

4. Exercise Restraint 

For certain people, you’re going to need to play it a little more subtle when writing Christmas cards. Friends of friends, distant family members, and your significant other’s family might fall into this category. However, for the most part, we’re referring to your coworkers. 

A coworker relationship is tough to manage. They’re someone you spend a lot of time with. . . likely more time than most of your friends! You might even confide in them here or there, and they’ve often seen you at your most productive.

However, there’s a gap in the relationship on a personal front coming from maintaining a level of professionalism. When writing a message to your colleagues, make sure you keep it warm and friendly but add a professional touch that doesn’t make anything seem too personal. 

In this case, it might be good to go for something generic. More than likely, the colleague will just be happy that you thought of them. A message like “hoping you have a joyful holiday away from work!” is clear, fun, and relatively impersonal. 

These types of relationships can be hard to marriage. Do some more research on Merry Christmas wishes to make sure you find the exact thing you want to say. 

5. Express Condolences 

Unfortunately, the joy of the holiday spirit doesn’t mean that life gets put on pause. If someone you know and love has experienced a loss around the holiday season, is going through a rough time, or is still grieving a precious loss, it can be best to express condolences. 

To people going through something hard, messages like “happy holidays!” and wishes of joy can feel mocking and insensitive. For thorny situations like this, combine your holiday greeting with a message of condolence. 

You can still lean on the spirit of giving that comes with Christmastime. However, focus it on crafting a sense of support, not necessarily a sense of joy. 

Make Use of the Best Christmas Card Messages

Even though it’s summer, it’s never too early to start planning Christmas card messages. As you can see, different people in your life are going to require different sorts of messages. Make sure your tailor your message to the person so that you don’t seem over (or under) bearing.

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