Top 5 Benefits of Cotton Baby Clothes

Did you know that an estimated 385,000 babies are born each day around the world? With the large number of babies being born each day, it is no surprise that baby clothes are in demand.

There are tons of great designs and styles when it comes to shopping for cotton baby clothes, but one thing that people forget is how the best baby clothes work well with your baby’s sensitive skin.

Organic cotton baby clothes provide a great option when you start the process of finding clothes for your baby. It is perfect for protecting your baby’s skin and eliminating issues like skin irritation that other clothing materials cause.

Luckily, you’re in the right place to gain more knowledge about the benefits of cotton baby clothes. Continue reading to learn about the five benefits of cotton baby clothes.

1. Cotton Baby Clothes Are Safe for the Baby’s Skin

When a baby is first born its skin needs time to continue developing to the same extent as that of an adult. Because of this, it is vital to purchase baby clothes that use materials that won’t disturb or harm your baby’s skin.

A baby’s skin is much more porous when compared to the skin of an adult which means that their skin absorbs everything that they come into contact with.

Adults might not realize it, but a lot of clothing materials contain harsh and harmful chemicals that aren’t good for your skin. These chemicals have a much bigger impact on a baby’s skin.

You should consider looking at organic cotton baby clothes that are certified by GOTS for the best and safest results. These clothes are guaranteed to contain zero carcinogens or other harsh chemicals that might harm your baby.

2. Quality for an Affordable Price

There is an unfortunate stigma attached to things labeled “organic” and that stigma affects the clothing industry as well. Organic things tend to be more expensive, and in some cases when it comes to food they’re almost unaffordable.

One great benefit of purchasing organic cotton clothing and other organic baby clothes is that they provide great quality while still remaining affordable for your budget.

The price is a little higher, but the benefits make it a no-brainer decision. It is up to you to make sure that you purchase these organic baby clothes from a responsible brand that has the coveted GOTS certification.

You’ll also gain the peace of mind that the clothes you purchased for your baby have a low impact on the environment and the Earth. On top of that, you’ll know that they’re good for your baby’s skin and won’t cause your baby any harm.

3. Protects the Environment

Taking care of the environment and finding ways to create sustainable products is growing in prominence and popularity. There is a big benefit in purchasing organic cotton baby clothes because you get the best of both worlds.

Not only do you get quality baby clothes that are comfortable and affordable, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that these clothes aren’t harming or destroying the environment.

Organic cotton baby clothes come from organic cotton farming methods that don’t damage the environment. The process involves nurturing the soil to help it become as fertile as possible.

The method used to grow the cotton for these baby clothes ensures that the carbon monoxide remains trapped in the soil to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

In order to receive GOTS certification, the baby clothing company will also need to prove that they’re taking steps to protect water levels. This involves treating the wastewater that results from the growing and manufacturing process.

4. Benefits for the Farmers

You’ll also get the benefit of knowing that you’re helping the farmers that are growing the cotton for these best baby boy clothes and best baby girl clothes. The farmers are healthier because they’re not using toxic and harsh pesticides and other chemicals to grow the cotton.

The farmers also benefit because they used saved seeds from the cotton to grow more rather than using GMO seeds. This means that they don’t get locked into contracts that are unfair to them. They’re able to grow as their farm grows and reap the financial benefits that come with that.

It also means that they have more money to feed and provide for their families. Even the factory workers that are creating these comfortable baby clothes are benefitting. They gain better working conditions and better pay.

Best of all, in order to gain the GOTS certificate, the baby clothes manufacturer can’t use sweatshops or child labor in the process of making the clothing. You’ll have peace of mind that you’re making a difference in the world when you purchase organic cotton baby clothes.

5. Builds Awareness

Choosing baby clothing that is made from cotton has another great benefit that you’ll enjoy. It spreads awareness of social and environmental issues. It is the perfect way to fight the spread of your carbon footprint while helping others move up in society.

It will also help you and those around you become more conscious consumers. This means that people will do more research into the companies that they support and purchase from.

The more support and increased demand for products made by these companies will push other companies to follow suit and produce quality clothing that is sustainable and doesn’t harm the environment.

It will also increase the number of clothing companies that opt to use materials and chemicals that aren’t harmful to the human body of both adults and babies.

Get Your Cotton Baby Clothes Today

Cotton baby clothes are a great choice for your newborn when you start the process of shopping for your baby’s wardrobe. Organic cotton baby clothes are soft on their sensitive skin and provide a high level of comfort compared to other clothing materials.

On top of that, you’ll gain peace of mind that the baby clothes you purchase are sustainable and are helping the farmers and factory workers that worked hard to create them.

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