Tips to Identify a Rodent Problem and When to Call for Pest Control in Madison, MS

Rodents are sneaky pests. They can fit through small holes and cracks, get into new homes, and infiltrate food sources. However, most rodents also leave behind evidence of these activities. Home and business owners need to know what to look for to ensure they deal with a rodent problem when it occurs.

Signs of Rodents

One of the first signs of rodents is if there are greasy, dark rub marks on the base of the walls. This will show the path taken by a mouse. Another indication of a problem is if there are gnaw marks on boxes, food containers, or other items in the home.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. If a sour or stinky smell is found in hidden areas, it could come from the rodents. Sometimes, pets in the house will detect this before people do. Perhaps the most obvious sign of a rodent issue is if a homeowner sees them during the day or at night or hears them scurrying around. If any of these issues are present, it is time to call the pest control madison ms services professionals.

Rodent Hiding Places

One of the main reason’s homeowners may never see rodents in their homes is that they are good at staying hidden and dark. Because they can easily fit through tiny holes, rodents can quickly get into pipes, air conditioning vents, sheds, pantries, garages, basements, attics, and walls. Also, if there is an area in the home where there is a lot of clutter or if there is food present, it is the perfect place for rodents to build a nest and search for food. This is especially true if the area is not often disturbed by people or pets.

If a homeowner is not sure where rodents may be hiding, they can start by putting traps in a few strategic locations. Some of the top places to put these traps include in the pantry, near vent openings, in an obvious rodent runway, around the basement, and in an attic.

Trapping Rodents

If preventing rodents is not effective, few different types of traps can be used to eliminate rodents. While there are kill traps, there are more humane options, too. For example, snap traps will seriously injure or kill the rodent, while others will just close the door once they enter. It is a good idea to bait them with cheese, pet food, meat, peanut butter, or something similar when using these traps.

When to Call the Professionals for Help

If the efforts that a homeowner takes to eliminate rodents do not work out, it may be time to consider calling in the professionals. They can further evaluate the problem and ensure the right steps are taken to get rid of the rodents once and for all. Rodents are not a pest a homeowner wants to allow in their house. Also, as time passes, the problem will just get worse, which is why it is so important to call for service as soon as an issue is seen.

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