Tips To Help You Take Care of Your Gemstone Dice Set

Whether you’re fanatic about D&D or all about Warhammer, it’s possible that you have invested in your own dice to help make each and every game more special. Perhaps you have really gone the extra mile and bought yourself some unique gemstone dice that you can take everywhere with you.

If so, you might be anxious about looking after your valuable dice, which have both sentimental and monetary value. Fortunately, looking after a gemstone dice set is simple and straightforward, with very little expense involved. Here is everything you need to know about keeping your gemstone gaming set in perfect condition. 

1. Choosing the Right Set

The first thing to do is choose the right dice sets that will look beautiful, function well, and not scratch or scuff over time. For this, choosing the right brands and vendors is absolutely key. You should opt for companies that have a strong reputation for quality within your gaming community, as well as a guarantees policy that will give you peace of mind.

For example, this set of gem dice collections by Easy Roller Dice Co. have a huge amount of five-star reviews from real gamers, so you know you can trust them. Always do your research before buying your gemstone dice. 

2. Rolling the Dice 

Caring for gemstone set dice and preventing damage means know how to roll them the right way. This might seem obvious, but it bears emphasis. Do not just throw your gemstone dice on a hard surface, as they will eventually crack and break – probably sooner than you expect.

Invest in a dice mat to cushion the blow, as they only cost a couple of dollars and can be rolled up and transported everywhere. You could also use a dedicated rolling tray to prevent your dice from falling off the table and hitting the ground below. 

3. Cleaning Your Gemstone Dice Set

The beauty of gemstone dice is that they do not require regular cleaning. However, you should schedule an occasional cleaning if you want to keep them in tip-top condition. Do not use any solvents or cleaning agents, as this could react with the gemstones and erode them.

Do not use scouring pads or brushes either, as this will wear away the numbers. All you need when cleaning gemstone dice is a damp cloth. Use this to softly clean the dice, and you won’t need to do anything else. 

4. Gemstone Dice Storage

Storing gemstone dice is also important if you want to keep them in good condition. You should avoid putting your gemstone dice in a bag, sack, or coin purse, as they will roll around and bump against each other, eventually causing scratches and cracks.

Instead, use a dedicated gem dice box that you can easily carry around, ideally one with velvet lining. This will protect your dice from any wear and tear. 

Look After The Finer Things In Life

Now that you know how to look after your gemstone dice set, it is time to learn more. If you care about the finer things in life, we’re here to help you choose your product wisely. Make sure to consult our expertly curated Luxury section to gain the latest insights on the luxury market. 

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