Tips for choosing the Custom Bobbleheads

Are you not able to decide on which thing to give this coming Christmas as one’s most special gift? But you can break free from the normal Christmas gift including wines, books, pens, cardholders, and other popular items. Consider a handmade bobblehead, which is a novelty gift item for all occasions.

If you’ve ever seen a bobblehead, you’ll probably see them sitting on a car dashboard, nodding away at sizzling sun. If you haven’t settled for The Big Day on a cake topper, a bride and groom bobblehead will produce an unexpected aspect that will certainly attract some laughs.

Bobbleheads are creative gift ideas as they reflect individuals, businesses, animals and even events. Creativity has gone up and now you’ll find all kinds of boobleheads like couple bobbleheads, groomsmen, bridesmaids, pet, and sport bobbleheads. You can customize them to make memorable presents for your loved ones. Like buying something else, you need to do your homework to get the most out of your bobblehead.

How to choose Bobbleheads

  1. Choose the type of body. Body options are various in custom bobblehead. You can have the regular body or entirely custom body. Completely personalized bobblehead gives you the chance to build from head to toe while regular body comes with some models such as males, females or nurses. You have hundreds of choices, so pick the most appropriate body for the individual you are getting the bobblehead.
  2. Decide on base. They come with regular bases, but you can opt to have them on a larger base or on a personalized base like a vehicle, animal or bike. You can pay extra for the custom base, of course, but it gives you the chance to make your gift as exclusive and imaginative as possible. Lettering may also be used as a quotation or name depending on your preferences.
  3. Choose accessories and props. They are additional features that highlight your bobblehead. You may select tattoos, shades, caps and necklaces on the bobblehead. Logos may be made on shirts or hats at a small cost. Choose the right accessories so you can afford to add them to the custom bobblehead.
  4. Select the best materials. Custom bobbleheads are made using durable material of polyresin. The material is highly customizable, allowing a finished product with high design details. Some businesses, however, opt for polymer clay as it has shorter processing time. Clay is inexpensive but extremely fragile, so you need to make the right choice when personalizing your bobblehead.
  5. Check your choices for making changes. Often you may get a bobblehead that isn’t what you expected and may need to change some pieces. The price also involves proofing costs, but some firms charge it separately. It helps find out in advance if you can draw charges if you refuse or order changes to custom design.
  6. Consider bobbleheads number. If you get bobbleheads for an occasion, you will need more than one. Extra copies attract additional costs. Some will offer discounts on extra bobbleheads, while others will charge full price on any extra head. It’s something you can’t even forget.


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