The Ring That Would Be Liked By Your Spouse: What Will It Be?

Since you will choose with your spouse, you will not be able to go wrong with the correct number, but experts still advise you to protect yourself a little: come to measure the rings only in the morning, as soon as possible after waking up, you should not drink a lot of water before bed, and you should limit yourself to a cup of coffee so your fingers are certainly free of edema. The Black Diamond Ring is there for your choice.

Approximately after every 10th ring you need to raise your hand for 2-3 minutes, which will also allow you to maintain the natural thickness of the phalanx. Yes, and do not forget that in summer our fingers are slightly wider than in winter, this means that the option you chose would not should be at the same time. It is better that there is a very small gap between the metal and the phalanx. If you study the items presented carefully and think a little about what is written, comparing the information received with personal beliefs, then be sure that neither you nor your other half will get lost in the jewelry store. In this case, a happy choice is guaranteed, which means a joyous wedding is around the corner!

In addition to wedding photos and footage, the ring is one of the lasting reminders of the wedding and marriage and will be with you for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s important to choose what you like and like. Below we bring you a few items to think about when choosing a ring.

Self-Designed Rings

Couples are increasingly deciding to take this step and come to the jeweler with their suggestions or pictures of what they want. They often decide to upgrade the existing ring with details as desired. It is also popular to engrave text on the outside or inside of the ring, and these are most often wedding dates or the names of the newlyweds.

A Combination of a Wedding and Engagement Ring

If you want to achieve harmony, this is a great idea for you. Lately, wedding and engagement rings have been harmonized more and more often, but if you are not an excessive fan of harmony, it doesn’t matter you can always choose the complete opposite of the engagement ring you are wearing. In doing so, your rings will always come to the fore.

Material Selection

It depends on your preferences, and the most common choices are silver, yellow and white, and more recently pink or red gold. The price of a gold ring without a stone varies and depends on the purity of the material. Therefore, the best option would be a 14 carat gold ring. There is also platinum, which is also the most expensive, while silver is the most affordable option.

Details on the Ring

Wedding rings are often decorated with diamonds and zircons. Although diamonds are timeless, they are also expensive. That’s why zircons are a great alternative. If you do opt for a diamond, it is useful to know that diamonds are cut in different shapes, and the most popular is the round diamond. In such a polished stone, light refracts best and gives the most beautiful shine. There are also teardrop-shaped diamonds, heart-shaped, rectangular, etc.

Black Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring | Everleigh | Braverman Jewelry


Don’t forget that you will wear the ring your whole life. So you have to choose the right measure. It is best to go in search of a ring in the afternoon when your body temperature is most normal and when you are calm. Then your body is most relaxed and the ring will suit you best.

Once again, you will wear the ring for the rest of your life, so think about its practicality. He is not like other jewelry. And by no means take the first thing you like. Take a few days to think about whether you really like what you see.

Before you even go on a quest, it’s important to agree with your partner on the basic things listed. When you agree on whether you want, for example, simplicity or glamor, white or yellow gold, the same or different rings, and other options then it’s time to look.

One of the pieces of jewelry that we have been wearing for years is certainly an engagement ring, often more luxurious than a wedding ring, so when choosing, care should be taken that it is classic and that it matches the style of the future bride.

When choosing an engagement ring, stay true to your personal style.

Think about the jewelry you wear regularly; if you prefer silver, then a yellow gold engagement ring may not be an ideal choice. Avoid trends that last a short time, unlike your jewelry. Trends come and go, but the ring should always represent you, regardless of age, fashion and age. Rose gold may be in trend today, but it probably won’t be in ten years.

Trends in jewelry are nice to see, but this piece of jewelry should be above the changing character of fashion. There is a reason why a certain design, such as just one stone in the center of the ring, is called timeless. Care should also be taken with colored stones so that the ring does not lose on modernity for a couple of seasons. That’s why diamonds are the best choice here, and if you want to add color, let it be in a subtle way.

Consider durability.

If you want your ring to be truly timeless, it must also withstand the physical test of time. Avoid too thin, delicate creations. Although the super slim design looks good on Instagram, it doesn’t tolerate years of wearing. Diamonds are the hardest material on earth, but precious metals such as gold and platinum can bend or break in the middle of wear, the expert advises.

If you choose colored stones, you should know that each of these details needs special attention and care, so as not to wear out and lose on beauty and value. For example, opal can easily crack if it is exposed to sudden changes in temperature or lack of moisture in the air. You may need to lubricate the emeralds several times with oil and you need to clean them with a professional.

Invest in a good, durable stone, make it better, it will last longer.

Although it is possible to replace the stone on the ring over time, it can cost you too much in the end, so invest in the stone itself, let it be of better quality and let it” carry “the design of the entire ring,” explains the expert. Also, a common mistake that couples make wants the engagement ring to be overly embellished and lavish.

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