The Only Eyelash Extensions Application Guide You’ll Ever Need

Eyelashes are a girl’s best friend! If you’ve always wanted to ditch the mascara, then eyelash extensions are the answer to getting that extra boost in length and volume. Eyelash extensions can draw attention to the eyes, opening them up to create a more bright-eyed look.

Whether or not you’ve been blessed by mother nature, eyelash extensions application is suitable for everyone. A well-designed set of eyelash extensions done by a professional lash artist can make all the difference to your morning routine. If you’ve ever heard of the term “wake up with no makeup” then this is it.

“But there are so many types of eyelash extensions, which ones should I choose?”

The world of lash extensions is a vast one. There are classic lashes, Russian volume lashes, mega volume lashes, and even eyeliner effect lashes! So here’s a short guide to give you the low down on all things lashes.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual lashes that are attached to your natural eyelashes with medical-grade glue. The extensions are made of PBT and are considered semi-permanent because they will naturally fall away as your natural eyelashes shed.

Only a professional eyelash technician can provide this treatment – eyelash extensions should not be attempted at home. These are different from faux mink eyelashes, which can be easily applied by yourself.

Eyelash Extensions Application Process

Typically, eyelash extensions take a minimum of 1.5 hours to apply.

Treatment normally begins with gel pads placed under the eyes. The technician will then use tweezers to attach the eyelash extensions onto the eyelashes.

Your eyes must be kept closed throughout the treatment to stop the glue fumes from irritating them during treatment.

Generally, the more natural eyelashes you have, the more full the finished look will be. This is because the extensions need to be attached to an eyelash, and not the skin.

You should not feel anything touching the skin after having the treatment done, and the extensions should feel weightless.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

In the early days of eyelash extensions, there was only one type available. Today there are 3 main types of eyelash extensions known as classic eyelash extensions, Russian volume extensions, and mega volume extensions.

The differences between each type relate to the number of eyelash extensions applied to each natural eyelash.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

The original way of attaching eyelash extensions, classics are very natural looking. Previously described, this is when a single extension is attached to an eyelash. Ladies with plenty of eyelashes benefit the most from this treatment. The more eyelashes you have, the more full they will look.

The diameter of classic eyelash extensions starts from 0.10mm to 0.18mm.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Instead of attaching one eyelash extension to a single eyelash, Russian volume involves attaching 2 to 5 eyelash extensions to one natural eyelash. If you want a darker lash line and fluffier lashes, then Russian volume is the one to choose.

The thickness of Russian volume eyelash extensions is between 0.07mm to 0.06mm. The lighter weight allows more extensions to be attached to a single eyelash.

Russian volume extensions are ideal for ladies with sparse eyelashes, as the technique allows multiple extensions to be attached. They are extremely versatile and can be tailored to suit anyone.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Similar to Russian volume, multiple eyelashes are applied to a single eyelash. For mega volume extensions, 6-16 eyelash extensions can be attached to a single eyelash. Mega volume lash extensions give a more dark and glamourous result, perfect for a special event.

The thickness of the extensions used in mega volume is 0.03mm and 0.05mm.

Types of Eyelash Curls

The way that your natural eyelash sits will determine the type of curl used. Eyelash extensions come in different diameters, but they are also divided into different curls. The most common curls seen today are B, C, CC, D, DD, L, LC, and M.

If your eyelashes point downwards, then the most suitable curls for you are D, DD, and LC.

For straight lashes, the best curl to choose is CC, D, L, and M

Eyelashes that naturally curl upwards work well with B, C, and CC curls.

Eyelash Extension Lengths

Preserving eyelash health is very important when it comes to eyelash extensions. Extensions should not extend more than 2-3mm from the natural lash. There are exceptions though, and if you’ve been blessed with thick long lashes, you might just get away with a bit more length.

But overall, keeping the lengths short will give you longer wear and a denser lash line without compromising on lash health.

Best Eyelash Extensions

There are many factors when it comes to finding the best eyelash extensions for you. Your eye shape, the depth of your eyes, and the hood also need to be considered to find the best style for you.

The most common styles are the cat-eye, fox, dolly, and natural.

Natural follows the length of your own eyelashes and is suitable for anyone. Fox is also another safe option for all types of eye shapes and can give a similar effect as the cat-eye style.

Cat-eye is best suited for eyes that are tilted upwards, as the longer lengths on the edge can make the eyes appear droopy.

Dolly is great for opening up smaller eyes and almond shapes.

Where Can I Get Eyelash Extensions?

When looking for an eyelash technician, it’s important to find someone that is a licensed professional. Speak to your technician and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Eyelash extensions application requires a lot of skill, so doing research first will ensure you find the best in the business. So what will it be – your lashes or your life? Lashes, of course.

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