The Most Popular Types of Water Filtration Systems

Water is an important part of everyone’s day-to-day life, regardless of age. It is necessary for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. Today, the water sent from water filtration plants is still full of all sorts of harmful particulates, including chemicals and contaminants. Many people don’t realize this is something they drink water from the tap; they are putting these dangerous substances in their bodies.

While this is true, there is an effective way to properly clean water and ensure it is healthy to drink. One of the best ways to do this is by installing quality Water Filters. Once someone begins to look for a water filter for their home, they will find there are several to choose from. Keep reading for a brief overview of some of the most popular water filter options available.

Activated Carbon

This is considered one of the most common and affordable options when it comes to water filters. This system will typically be installed under the home’s sink. All a homeowner must do is replace the filter cartridges from time to time. An activated carbon filtration system is known for effectively removing chemicals, heavy metals, and parasites that may be present in the water.

Cation Exchange

These are also called water softeners or ion exchange filters. With this filter system, positively charged ions are used to replace the negatively charged ones. It is the negatively charged ions that are considered harmful. These include things like calcium and barium. Barium may cause some health problems for some people because prolonged exposure to this particular earth metal can impact a person’s internal organs. Calcium and magnesium can cause severe damage to the pipes and result in the water taste bad.

Reverse Osmosis

This is one of the most effective options when it comes to home water filtration. With reverse osmosis, the water must move through a semi-permeable membrane. This is done using air pressure. With this method, virtually all contaminants are filtered out. The water filtration process is either five, six, or seven stages. Brands that process the water in other stages, such as six or seven, will likely produce alkaline water. The output of these filters is approximately 50 to 90 gallons per day.

Finding the Right Water Filter

When selecting the right water filter, there are several factors to consider. Take some time to become more familiar with the options mentioned above to find the one that best suits a person’s needs. It is possible to get the clean filtered water that is needed and enjoy peace of mind that the water is healthy and clean. For those who aren’t sure which filter option is best, talk to an expert. They can provide more insight and information about what type of water filter to use and why.

Buying water filters can provide an array of benefits, so be sure to keep this in mind. With the right filter, it is possible to get benefits that are not offered by bottled or tap water that is commonly used today.


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