The Essential Camping Kit Tips for Your Next Trip

Camping offers up so much, with the fresh air, total serenity and escapism from humdrum, tech-filled daily life, it’s basically the perfect way to get away. That being said, the experience is going to be far more enjoyable with the right kit on your side. Correct packing can actually be the difference between the trip of a lifetime and a bit of a disaster, so pay attention here, people! Whether you’re a first-time explorer or a bit of a seasoned pro, follow these pointers for perfect packing, every time…

Always look for storage savvy pieces

Storage smart pieces are always worth investing in, whether you’re headed into the great outdoors or not! By purchasing yourself clever storage systems and easily collapsible pieces, you’re saving yourself so much hassle on both ends of your trip! This can include removable shelving, attachable LED lighting, multifunctional cookware, small bottles to decant toiletries or cooking essentials – the list goes on! Always keep an eye out for smart storage pieces to add to your collection and make your life easier!

Keep it separate

Avoid any dramas and on-route surprises by keeping all of your packing well-segmented and separated. This is especially necessary when it comes to packing up your food. Food storage shouldn’t be anywhere near your clothing, outdoor gear or technology, so make sure you pop it in entirely different luggage just to stay on the safe side of things. Adding an extra layer of reusable foil over your Tupperware will bring another little touch of protection to your packing process. Hey, you’re better safe than sorry, right?

Stackable kit is always a winner

Stackable kitchenware, cookware, crockery and Tupperware is going to save you on space, big time. This will honestly transform the way you pack for your trips and the way in which you store your belongings when you’re at the campground, so it’s well worth going out and searching for, promise! Camper trailers definitely make life easier in all respects when you’re out camping, but that doesn’t mean that you have unlimited space to use. Stackable kit might be marginally more expensive, but it’s going to come in so handy, plus it’s lovely and high in quality which means it’s going to last you for many adventures to come.

Try vacuum pack bags

Vacuum pack bags are the perfect storage solution for clothing, cloths, swimmers and towels. These will come in particularly useful when you’re packing the camper up on your way home, that’s when the amount of clothes that you brought with you becomes incredibly evident and, let’s face it, annoying. Squash them in, get rid of the air, and you’ll find that you’ve got a whole lot more packing space on your hands than you did a couple of minutes ago!

Roll, don’t fold

When you’re not piling your clothing into vacuum pack bags, you should be making a conscious effort to pack them properly. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is the perfect way to save a few inches here and there, plus it avoids pesky fold lines and crinkles! Rolling takes about half the time as well, so if you hate packing then you’re going to love this nifty tip.

Invest in your adventures

Really, the ultimate camping tip is to invest in a camper trailer. If you’re a lover of the lifestyle, then there’s nothing better! You’re going to enjoy storage, comfort, protection, mobility, privacy, freedom, adventure – literally everything you could possibly need to have the trip of a lifetime.


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