The Data Scientist

The data scientist is an expert in collecting, storing, analyzing, and exploiting a set of data collected through different channels, usually on behalf of a company. Because of the enormous volumes of information that data scientists have to process, we speak of big data.

To do this, the data scientist crosses the data and develops new statistical models to analyze the company’s performance and anticipate consumer behavior or new trends.

At the same time, statistician, computer scientist, and having an affinity for marketing, the data scientist is very appreciated by companies that constantly seek to improve their performance and remain competitive. After analysis, the data scientist writes a report in which he shares his conclusions with his Management or client.

Variability Of Activities Of A Data Scientist

The data scientist is oriented towards architecture and the meaning attributed to computer data. He creates the tools to structure and process vast volumes of data with a transdisciplinary perspective. With this in mind, it collects the data and determines how it should be used. It often evolves in a context where extensive data processing methods and tools are still experimental. 

As a consultant:

The data miner has a remarkable ability to adapt to all sectors of activity. He has extensive knowledge of methodologies and statistics applicable in all contexts.

In the banking and finance sector:

The data miner’s work tends towards developing predictive algorithms, the analysis, and the statistical prevention of economic risks (unpaid bills, loans, investments, etc.)

As a data analyst:

It is at the interface between the pure manipulation of data and their analysis. It queries the databases, builds aggregates, conducts the necessary analyzes, and carries out the reporting.

The Missions Of The Data Scientist

The missions of the Data scientist can be broken down into four axes:

– First of all, the Data scientist must understand marketing, market, sales, customer loyalty, HR, etc.

– Secondly, he or she must find a statistical model to answer the problem.

It is then necessary to determine the relevant data that he or she needs (already existing or to be retrieved via different channels, to consolidate, modify, etc.).

– He or she must then analyze the data and return the results so that they respond to a strategy (most often commercial). Big data has become intelligent data.

The Place Of The Data Scientist In The Organization

It is not easy for the Data Scientist, at the crossroads of several professions, to have a well-defined place in the company’s organization.

Depending on the company, data science classes in Hyderabad and especially the department that drives the company’s big data project, they may be attached to the marketing department, the information systems department, or even the financial department.

But he or she often works in different directions cross with a firm to collaborate with computer scientists, statisticians, data analysts, data miners of and marketing directors, Product managers, Web marketers, etc.


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