The Best Products For Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

For centuries, human activities have slowly destroyed the earth’s environment. Quarrying,  burning fossil fuel and manufacturing dangerous products for cheaper prices have resulted in climate change, pollution, soil erosion and even undrinkable water. With that, apprehensions about environmental damage have long compelled concerned activists, consumers and even economic key players to reverse the damage.

One crucial initiative of this effort is the development of sustainable and natural products, materials and commodities. The recent rise in the popularity of recycled materials and plastic alternatives has encouraged more consumers to choose natural ingredients and environmentally safe products.

If you are looking for safe and pro-environment products, choose brands that really use natural ingredients, such as Bonnie Bio. To help you out as you switch to better product choices, here’s a list of products to match an eco-friendly lifestyle.

1. Drink Bottles

Plastic disposable water bottles are not only harmful to the environment but also your health. Most of the time, these plastic bottles end up in landfills or in the oceans where animals are often killed by plastic pollution. Not only does one single plastic water bottle take hundreds of years to fully decompose, but it also releases harmful chemicals. These chemicals, such as bisphenol A toxins, can make their way into your bloodstream.

Using a reusable water bottle, on the other hand, is good for the environment and provides health benefits too. You can choose from stainless steel insulation, glass or silicone-based water bottles.

2. Reusable Lunch Wraps

One way to reduce plastic usage is to use reusable lunch wraps. The good thing about these naturally made wraps is that they are compostable, organic and toxin-free. Because they are made from beeswax, they are also safe for your food.

3. Compostable Party Plates and Bowls

Opting to buy plastic-free products can also reduce waste taken into landfills.

Compostable party plates are great alternatives to disposable plastics. They are convenient to use and harmless to the environment. These plates are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Moreover, compostable plates and bowls are made from plant components, such as sugar cane, corn, potato starches and vegetable oils. Nowadays, there is already a wide range of biodegradable plates and bowls to choose from. It does not matter whether you are organising a children’s party or a cocktail with your friends and families; your compostable plates are strong enough to be used in serving food.

4. Recycled Plastic Toothbrush

In the drive to help the environment, manufacturers are now recycling plastics into top commodities, such as toothbrushes. This will lessen the number of plastic wastes dumped into landfills and oceans. One initiative is reusing yoghurt cups into plastic toothbrushes.

Another one is the use of bioplastic technology where plastic materials are no longerharmful to the environment. Instead, they are made from renewable biomass sources, including wood chips, sawdust, cornstarch and even recycled food waste.

5. Pro-Environment Decking

Home decks are great venues for family relaxation and occasions. Fortunately, you can now choose deck products that are durable but have little impact on the environment.

Pro-environment deck boards are 100% recycled plastic and composite wood. In addition, wood chippings do not go straight to landfills; instead, they are combined with other materials to produce sustainable decking boards.

6. Biodegradable Garden Pots

If you are looking for sustainable gardening ideas and practices, perhaps you would want to try using biodegradable garden pots. This will allow you to reduce the use of plastics and clay materials in your yard. One notable benefit of using biodegradable pots is their ability to help plants grow. This is because they are made from rice hulls, coconut coir, wood fibres and straws.

7. Recycled Dog Collars

Collars and leashes are invaluable tools for pet owners. However, they are also manufactured from plastic and other toxic materials. Thankfully, sustainable collars and leashes are now available in the market. For one, bamboo collars are renewable, light and breathable. These are also great for dogs that have fabric allergies.

8. Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Yoga is a popular form of workout regimen, and there are countless yoga-related products available in the market. If you want to maximise your healthy lifestyle, you should choose a non-toxic product. Regular yoga mats come from a toxic material called PVC. Hence, they are dangerous both to your health and the environment when disposed of inappropriately.

Buying environmentally friendly products is safe for your health and reduces the earth’s damage. If you want to participate in promoting organic and safe products and in protecting the Earth, then start buying eco-friendly products now!

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