The Benefits of No Poreblem Primer and How to Apply It Properly

If you have not been using No Poreblem Primer, then you are definitely missing out on one of the holy grails when it comes to make up primer.

Regardless of whether you wear a full-face makeup on a daily basis or choose to just keep it simple with face cream and a tinted lip balm, using a makeup primer such as the No Poreblem Primer is a godsend whenever it combating oiliness and shine or creating a smooth foundation base.

But still other people often bypass using a makeup primer step because they think they really do not need it, are unsure how and when to use, or they just do not think that the investment is worth it. The use of a primer underneath your makeup, though, will make your make up last longer on your skin. Here are the basics you must know about No Poreblem Primer and why it should be a must have in your cosmetic bag.

No Poreblem Primer: The perfect primer for you

A makeup primer creates an extra layer between the skin as well as the makeup. Priming products are essentially used to prepare the face before the foundation is going to be applied and, at the same time, add a layer to make it much easier to absorb other creams or makeup products. It also makes makeup last way longer, smoothen the skin’s surface as well as evens out the user’s skin tone.

It is no wonder that this amazing primer is manufactured by a Korean brand, K-beauty, who is always at the top of the industry when it comes to make up products. The product brand, Touch in Sol, is a relatively new Korean skincare and makeup brand that seeks to deliver high-quality, revolutionary products at an inexpensive price range. Since its fame, this famous Korean brand, Touch in Sol, is now being marketed by big-named companies and even online retailers.

No Poreblem Primer claims to give a matte finish to your makeup, blur out your pores to give you the ideal seamless makeup canvas as well as control sebum production to boost your makeup’s staying power. It is also filled with natural ingredients and antioxidants and creates an invisible shield against elements. The product packaging is also very cute and very Korean as well! The primer comes with a pump in a tiny frosted glass vial, making it really convenient to apply.

In addition, No Poreblem Primer has a smooth gel-like texture. It does not feel heavy on the skin and has a fragrance that is not too strong. It should also be noted that No Poreblem Primer is hypoallergenic, made out of vegan ingredients and, during manufacturing, no animals have been harmed. This makeup primer is produced mainly from green tea extract and collagen which is soluble. One can be assured that no parabens, pthalates and sulfates were used.

Benefits of No Poreblem Primer

As customers, we are always particular about whether we can benefit from a specific product. The potential benefits you can get when using No Poreblem Primer are tackled below.

  1. Make your makeup last longer. 

One important characteristic of makeup primer is the fair amount of time your makeup remains in place and intact or undamaged. The basic principle that works is that the primer is meant to create an extra layer to let the foundation stick and, at the same time, absorb oil and control the sebum to give you that flawless makeup look for quite a long period of time.

One considerable thing to keep in mind –the makeup primer should always match with that of the foundation. If you have an oil-based primer, for example, the foundation should also be based on oil and not water. When it gets down to this, compatibility is what is deemed necessary.

  1. Using a makeup primer helps you get rid of an oily look.

The No Poreblem Primer, as mentioned earlier in this thread, instantaneously absorbs the oil in the face, allowing you to be free from having a horrible and humiliating oily glowing skin. It is a very incredible and high-quality product that definitely results in providing your skin a smooth and sleek matte finish throughout the day, which proves that the oil control feature of this primer is really effective.

  1. It can easily hide any redness on the face.

Undoubtedly, acne or breakouts can actually cause those extra puffiness and redness on the face; but then again, some women are still struggling to deal with face redness, even with or without acne. The incredible thing about No Poreblem Primer is that the instant it would be applied, it will then reduce the redness that will let you enjoy a red-free face with just one squirt from this primer.

  1. It conceals the pores.

When you have an oily skin, having large pores is directly relevant. Generally, you are susceptible to having big pores when you have oily skin. Only with one product, this primer enables you to handle these two concerns. It conceals those large pores, causing the skin look exceptionally smooth as well as closes the pores towards any external influence at the same time. It also contains some vitamins and ingredients that also have anti-aging properties which can reduce fine lines and creases to leave you looking younger.

  1. Using it is very easy and convenient.

The next great thing about using this makeup primer is that you do not have to stress at all about any kind of long and difficult application process. It is just as quick and simple as dabbing the proper amount to your fingertip and spreading it evenly just like what you would do with your moisturizer.

Always remember that you do not have to put a more than generous amount of the makeup primer on your face. No Poreblem Primer is indeed true to its word that even a little amount would go a long way.

  1. This primer definitely saves both money and time.

Typically, most of the makeup primers have a multi-purpose feature–which also holds true for No Poreblem Primer. This breaks the misapprehension that primers are just a total waste of time and money because there are a lot of makeup primers that all too often combine the upsides of being a moisturizer, a face-cream, as well as a sunscreen. In addition, the application requires very fairly small amounts of the primer, and this is definitely more beneficial in terms of saving your time or money.

How to Properly ApplyNo Poreblem Primer

Prepare your face.

Use a mild cleanser to wash your face. Before you start putting on your makeup, it is imperative to strip away all the dirt and impurities out of your face. Likewise, it is very important to use clean hands. You can use your fingers to apply your primer and other makeup, so you would not want to spread dirt onto your face.

Apply your moisturizer. Primer is not used to substitute a moisturizer; therefore, you must not skip putting on your moisturizer. Moisturizers nourish and helps keep your skin healthy, and although some primers may also have moisturizing properties, their primary purpose is to make your makeup last. Make sure that your moisturizer has been totally absorbed by your skin and that it has dried out completely before applying the primer.

Next, apply the primer.

Put a pea-sized amount of the primer on the back of your hand or on your fingertip. When you use too much primer, it may cause your foundation to clump or blob up, so you should not need much more than a pea or raisin-sized dollop to cover your entire face and neck.

Apply the primer at the center of the face and blend it out using a gentle circular motion. The gesture must be analogous like the one you use when you apply your moisturizer. Blend the product evenly into your skin so that you can get smooth and even skin tone coverage. Make very sure that you blend it evenly up to your hairline and also over your neck.Use your middle and ring fingers to spread the primer evenly over your face. You may also use a sponge or a makeup brush, but it is not really necessary.

Never forget also the skin around the eyes. If you are not using a different eyelid primer, apply a small amount of the primer on your lids so that your eye makeup will stay on.

Allow the primer to entirely dry out. It should take just a couple of minutes. Some people opt to forgo foundation completely, and this is especially true when they just want to minimize their pores or add luminosity to their skin complexion. With or without a foundation, makeup can then be applied as normal.

If you choose to put on foundation, then you can start out by applying a small layer of foundation, and if need be, you can apply more later on. Because you have already used a primer, you will be less likely to need a lot of foundation. You can dust a translucent powder on top of your foundation once done applying it (this will keep the makeup from smudging). 


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