The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask an ABA Provider

The Center for Disease Control reported that one in every 54 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

One of the ways to treat kids with social or communication issues is through applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy.

An ABA provider works with children to encourage good behaviors through positive reinforcement. If you’re looking for an ABA therapist, you need to know what to look for.

Read on to learn the top five questions you need to ask an ABA therapist before hiring them.

1. What Are the Qualifications of the Therapists?

ABA therapy isn’t like cognitive behavioral therapy or common forms of therapy. The most common certifications are Board Certified Behavioral Therapists.

You can go a little further by asking what kind of training the staff members get. There may be some therapists with limited experience. You want to make sure that everyone involved in the treatment program has the proper training and qualifications.

2. How Experienced Are the Therapists?

ABA therapists have to be ready for almost anything. They need to be patient and have the right temperament to handle whatever comes their way.

Experience teaches therapists what to expect and how to handle different situations the right way. That’s why it’s so important to work with an ABA provider that has a lot of experience.

3. Are You Working With One Therapist or a Team?

You want to know how your child receives treatment. You should know who is responsible for creating your child’s treatment plan.

It’s also important to know who is implementing the plan. You may have a different therapist every session. Before you hire a provider, you have to know who you’re working with. 

4. Do You Offer Home-Based Therapy Services?

Sometimes, it’s much easier on you and your child if therapy sessions are held at home. You save a little bit of time in your schedule and your child will feel comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Some ABA providers like offer home-based services in addition to their regular sessions. This might be a great place to start and then move to center-based services.

5. Do You Work With All Ages?

There are ABA therapy providers that have a specialization. Some providers work only with pre-school kids. Others work with kids up to 10 years old. Still, other ABA providers specialize in working with adults.

You do need to ask this question to make sure that the applied behavior provider can work with your child.

Find the Right ABA Provider

You want to make sure that your child gets the right treatment for people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

The questions listed here are the ones that you need to ask before you hire an ABA provider. You need to ask these questions to make sure that you have the best provider that fits your needs.

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