Struggling with gift ideas? We’ve got you covered

Whether you’re buying gifts for your partner, your friend, or a family member, you’ll know how difficult it can be to buy something that they actually need. Nowadays, most of us are lucky enough to buy whatever we want, when we want it, and that makes Birthdays and Christmases really tough. Below, we’ve put together some unusual gift ideas to help you…

Scratch maps

Buying for someone who loves to travel? A scratch map is a great idea, as it allows them to display the countries and cities they’ve visited and make plans for the future. This is a great add-on gift if you’re planning to take your loved one on a vacation – they can scratch off the destination as soon as they open your gift, and have something to look forward to for the future. Better yet, scratch it off for them and make them scratch their head in confusion…

Cocktail maker set

Why not treat them to a cocktail shaker set, which comes with everything they need to make their favorite drinks from the comfort of their own homes? From Mojitos and Espresso martinis to Pimm’s, Passion fruit martinis, Piña coladas, and frozen strawberry daiquiris, there are so many delicious combinations to try – and you can sample them all for free!

Irish homeware

If you’re buying for someone who is of Irish descent, why not treat them to something from the Emerald Isles? The made in Ireland gifts website is jam-packed full of stunning pieces which were handmade in the country, including homeware like crystal glasses and wall art. It’s a great way to show them you care about them and their heritage, and buying them something from thousands of miles away doesn’t have to cost the earth with $10 shipping.

Chocolate subscription

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? If you’re looking for a gift idea that’s super sweet, you can’t go too far wrong with a chocolate box subscription. They typically cost $10 to $20 per month and can be bought in three or six-month packages, allowing you to treat your friend or loved one for an extended period of time. The best part is that, if you make an effort to visit them on delivery day, you might just get to taste a chocolate or two; we’re not judging you here!

Bonsai tree

Indoor bonsai have become extremely popular in recent years, and they’re ideal gifts as they’re each so different and say something unique. Most bonsai require lots of light and a good temperature and humidity, but they’re relatively inexpensive and simple to look after. A bonsai is a great gift because it’s alive – every time they water and tend to their tree, they’ll think of you. Add in an attractive pot and bonsai food, and you’ve got yourself a great gift.

Do you have any other gift recommendations? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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