Steps to Creating A Custom Photo Book from the Ground Up

Starting a photo book endeavor from scratch might be daunting. Fortunately for you, Mixbook photo book maker provides the tools and resources necessary to create a unique picture book as simple and straightforward as possible. Whereas everyone’s method for beginning a task is unique, the aim is to produce a unique keepsake that will be treasured for years. Here is a step-by-step guide to making the process go as smoothly as feasible.

Step 1- Select A Theme or Begin with A Clean Slate

On the Mixbook site, go to the photo book page to find over 400 themes suitable for any event. Their products are totally customizable, from wedding albums to baby books, vacation albums, and year-in-review books. Besides, they could be updated any time during the project if you change your mind.

Do not be afraid of blank pages! Mixbook’s Blank Canvas books offer endless possibilities for users who are not interested in a specific theme or want complete creative control.

Step 2: Decide On the Materials You Will Use

After you have chosen a blank canvas or a theme, you will be redirected to a page where you can select your book shape, book size, paper, and cover styles. If you are uncertain what type of paper you wish to use or what finish you desire for your cover, you could change it later on. Nevertheless, if you alter the book shape (for example, from portrait to landscape) or size in the middle of the project, you might have to restructure any previously added content.

Step 3: Select and Upload the Photos You Want

Before you begin your photo project, upload and arrange your photos in your account. When choosing images, you should save the ones you like best initially, then limit them down depending on your ultimate aim and the photo’s quality.

Bear in mind that print books necessitate higher-quality images for them to not get twisted or fuzzy after being enlarged and printed. If you are not certain an image is of high quality, the photo editor will inform you by displaying an alert on the picture when developing your book.

Step 4: Incorporate Your Photos into Your Project

Mixbook offers the option of manually adding your images to the book or having your platform do it for you. Photos will be arranged in chronological sequence, but you can shift them around if you wish to be more creative.

Step 5: Customize

Would you like five photos on one page and two on the next? Why not try a new backdrop design? Everything about Mixbook’s picture tool may be customized, from the number of photos on a page to the backdrop colors, stickers, and text. Every tool allows you to build a product tailored to your story and could be tweaked at any point before purchase to ensure that you have the right result.

Step 6: Review Your Book

One of the most crucial things you could do when putting everything in place is to review your book. Check to see if your photographs are correctly positioned and structured; if your text is the perfect font style/color/size and conveys the narrative you want. If you have been going back and forth between pages, ensure you are not lacking any content on any of them. If everything appears okay, it is time to place your order. After you click ‘checkout,’ you will have another option to change the cover style and paper and print your photo book.

Looking to create customized photo books that reflect your style and flair? Look no further than Mixbook. In case of any concerns, contact the Mixbook support staff through mobile or via live chat.  

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