Some Good Tips for A Successful Wedding Ceremony in Provence

Hilltop villages with the extended rows of beautiful lavender and olive trees blooming under the warm and soothing golden yellow light can only be found in the French Provence. It is one of the most romantic and perfect places for ringing wedding bells.

Planning a wedding in a Provence is like a dream and yes, it can be challenging also and especially when you are planning from afar. Every year many couples enjoy their most memorable moments in the beautiful hilltops of Provence.

Many couples prefer marrying during summer because summer in France is an incredible time to enjoy. Here and there you can feel the essence of flowers in the air with the beautiful sunsets and soothing nights. It is a perfect time to hold any outdoor and indoor event alongside beaches, chateau parks, and vineyards.

So if you are also planning for a destination wedding in Provence along with a sumptuous reception then this blog post is for you.

We are going to share some very important tips that you may consider while planning the beautiful events of your wedding.

1. Visit the venue in advance

Planning a destination wedding is not that easy, because every event of wedding needs to be perfect. So you need to make sure that you must visit the venue once or twice. While your visit, you can also have an overview of nearby locations of your venue, caterers, make-up artists, decorators, etc. This will help you to make everything smooth and perfect!

2. Arrange multi-events

Most of your guests will come from far away so it will be your duty to make them comfortable and enjoy more than their expectations. You need to make sure that every guest must enjoy his/her stay in Provence. So you can take your guests to explore beautiful destinations and can also arrange some exciting events for them like night party, pool party or anything. Here you will find a very nice destination wedding Provence and you can arrange as many events as you want.

3. Hire a Luxury Wedding Planner

A destination luxury wedding planner with the experience of handling international clientele can help you in luxuriously arranging your wedding. Hiring a planner is also a great idea for overcoming the problem of the language barrier, choosing the perfect venue, exceptional decoration, and many more.

A wedding planner will be responsible for managing every event and surprising your guests with exceptional decoration and arrangements. The team of wedding planners will coordinate everything and will make sure that you don’t need to worry about anything. Moreover, wedding planners also help in arranging a whole wedding in your required budget.

4. Hire a wedding photographer

We will recommend you to hire a wedding photographer who is from Europe and knows about every beautiful location of Provence. Wedding Photographer who has worked with international clientele can easily work with couples and prepare a wedding album.

A photographer familiar with the beauty of Provence will also make your moments more beautiful by capturing the feeling of South France along with the happiness of the couple.

5. Prepare outdoor Visits

A wedding during the summertime in Provence is a great opportunity to introduce your guests to the beautiful destinations and beaches. Make sure you have arrangements of cocktails or other refreshing drinks while outdoor visits.

You can also arrange some outdoor games like the very popular French Game “Boules”. To make evenings exciting- You can arrange a luxurious outdoor lounge; so that your guest can relax while enjoying the beautiful sunset and then have dinner under the twinkling blanket of stars.

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