Six Tips for Buying a Good Gift

The “perfect gift” doesn’t have to be expensive or sophisticated, but something that draws the other’s attention, that comes to cover a need, or that is something you always wanted to have. Giving a good gift is entirely different from giving something expensive. Providing reasonable assistance is to show the other person that you know them in their tastes and that you have been listening to them while they talk so that it can be more symbolic than anything else.

1 – Look at their tastes

By taking the trouble to know the other’s preferences, you will give them something much more in line with their interests. Listen when the other person talks to identify what things he or she likes. Then, please make a list and find out each thing’s prices to determine that it is within your possibilities.

2 – Don’t buy with you in mind

A common mistake is to give the other person something that you would like them to like, even if you know that the person will not like it at all. Áctually, you are trying to impose your tastes. This is common among family members and couples but not so common among friends. It is a mistake; since it is not about giving the other person what you want them to like but what you know, they will like, for example, a unique photo gift.

3 – When you don’t know the other person, but with you in mind

It may be the other way around, and you don’t see the person you’re giving them in-depth, such as a new office colleague with whom you haven’t talked much and who has touched you as an invisible friend. In this case, the advice is the opposite of the previous one: buy a gift that you would like to receive. Even if you don’t know the person, you will probably give them a good gift. Why? Because when you buy something you would like to receive, you don’t believe the first thing you see but take the time and dedication to choose the gift.

4 – Propose a collective gift

If you know what the other person would like to receive but beyond your budget, you can propose a joint gift if it is a moment and a person who will receive more than one facility.

5 – Give cash

It may not sound very sensible to you, but money, while not the most romantic thing in the world, is the most practical. Don’t you know you’d like to receive the other person and don’t want to waste the money on something they won’t use? Easy, give the money in an envelope, and the other person can buy whatever they want. Or, if you don’t want to be so direct, provide a gift card for a particular value so they can use it in a specific place (and this can go from a restaurant to a shopping mall).

Giving cash is a good idea, but it depends on the degree of trust you have with the person. If you barely know them, find out from those closest to them and give them something they can keep.

6 – Give experiences as a gift

People increasingly value receiving an experience or a unique photo gift rather than an impersonal object. And what are the experiences about? Well, it can be anything from a ticket to a play to a weekend at a spa or a balloon ride. In other words, anything that constitutes an experience and a subsequent memory. In addition to being pleasant for the recipient, leaving an anecdote forever in the other person strengthens friendship ties.

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