Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Are you wondering if your spouse is cheating? While infidelity is never ok, it’s even worse if you’re unaware or in denial about the situation. In reality, many couples have a marriage breakthrough after addressing the issue.

Below, we’ve provided must-know infidelity spouse cheating signs so you can address them as soon as possible.

Unusual Behavioral Changes

If your partner’s attitude towards you or your relationship changes, this can be a red flag. They may become distant and secretive. Your spouse may also become interested in someone else’s life or want time away from the house.

A change in their routine, such as working later than usual, or receiving unexpected phone calls may or may not show a problem. Be aware of these strange behaviors, and if you believe something is off, be careful to discuss it with your spouse.

Social Isolation

This could include your spouse spending more and more time away from home without explanation. They may become inaccessible when out of the house, such as being unresponsive to phone calls, voicemails, or texts. They may alter their routines and avoid giving you answers about where they’ve been or what they’ve been doing.

They may also spend less time with the family, preferring to stay in their room or on their own. If your partner has become more withdrawn from talks and family activities, you may have reason to suspect that they are cheating on you.

Unexplained Expenses

Significant changes in financial behavior can suggest they’re being secretive or hiding something. For example, it’s a warning sign if they have the budget but don’t give any details or explanations for large purchases.

If you see two sets of financial records or billing for services or goods that your spouse can’t explain, they may be being untruthful to you. Any abrupt change in their spending habits should be looked into and discussed.

Loss of Interest in Intimacy

Losing interest in intimacy is one of the critical signs of spouse cheating. It may signal that your spouse has found another outlet for intimacy.

In the past, they would spend a lot of time cuddling and holding hands with you but have now grown distant. If they have become uninterested in physical contact, even when you suggest it, it can be a sign of a cheating spouse.

They may also lose interest in topics they used to be passionate about, such as a favorite hobby or an activity you both enjoyed doing together. If your spouse stops initiating physical contact, this is an unignorable sign that something may be wrong.

The Return of an Old Love

Cheating becomes more likely when an old flame re-enters a married person’s life. When a spouse begins to struggle in a long-term relationship, the reappearance of a former sweetheart can be a telling warning. An affair is likely if your spouse shows too much interest in an old flame.

Whether your spouse gets contacted by an old flame or seeks them out, it signifies an unhealthy emotional attachment. Having an old love as a contact on social media or meeting up with them behind your back may indicate that your partner is unhappy in their current relationship.

While these are all signs of cheating, it’s essential to establish the facts before accusing your spouse of having an affair.

Strange Text Messages and Phone Calls

Receiving strange text messages and phone calls at odd hours is one of the apparent signs of a potential affair. Calls made late at night that have no explanation, texts sent to unknown numbers, or repeated calls to the same unknown number are all possible signs of cheating.

If the phone is placed on silent, or it’s always taken away with them, this could be another sign of a partner seeking to be unfaithful. Further, a cheater is likely to change their password more often or be more private about conversations and whereabouts. Paying close attention to any suspicious activity could be telling of an unfaithful partner.

Unexplained Presence of a New Friend

This isn’t a sure sign of infidelity, but it is worth exploring if the behavior is out of character and if you cannot get a direct answer on who the new “friend” is. If your spouse avoids questions and lies about where they were, it is a clear sign that something is wrong. Stay vigilant and investigate further if the new friend’s presence persists.

Increase in Work Schedule

Be aware of any significant changes in their work schedule or attitude when going to work. They may be taking longer shifts and staying late more often than usual.

Other signs include sudden absences during business hours or seeming distracted while speaking with them. Note any changes in how they use the Internet, such as using their phone more while you’re not around or checking their email more frequently.

Ignoring Your Calls and Texts

It can appear as not answering phone calls and text messages, talking for short periods, disappearing, or not responding to private conversations suddenly. The spouse may purposely avoid contact because they spend more time with someone else.

They may also be unfaithful if they need extensive privacy when texting or receiving phone calls or if they will only communicate via specific platforms. If these signs continue and grow, it isn’t easy to come to any other conclusion than that another person is involved.

But if you find yourself in an infidelity scenario, ending an affair will be your best decision. Don’t give up the family you’ve worked hard to build to take care of someone else.

Watch Out for These Signs of Spouse Cheating

Cheating is a complex problem. Trusting your gut and paying attention to how your partner acts can help determine if they are cheating.

Pay attention to small changes in how your partner talks and acts, as these are telltale signs of spouse cheating. If you think your partner may be cheating, don’t hesitate to address it; communication is key!

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