Shoplifting is a serious crime as the effects of the same can be severe. Every state has its provisions alongside legal guidelines in opposition to shoplifters. The consequences may be harsh, mainly if the commodity in question is expensive or the wrongdoer has a crook record. Kids get into all kinds of trouble, and the parents have to pay the price. As a parent, what would you do if you find out that your child is arrested with a shoplifting charge? You will be at a loss! But it is time to gather yourself and take the necessary steps to get your child out of jail. Continue reading this article to find out what are specific laws you need to be aware of when dealing with shoplifting charges.

What is Shoplifting: When one steals or removes products from a store without purchasing them, it is defined as shoplifting. In certain cases, the intent to steal can also result in criminal charges for shoplifting. Other acts of shoplifting would possibly include:

  • Modifying a price tag.
  • Fishing out or getting rid of robbery prevention devices.
  • Hiding products while still being in the shop; for example, hiding the products inside your purse or pocket.
  • Removing an object from its packaging and hiding it amongst different products.

Charges and Punishment of Shoplifting: In many states, shoplifting is charged and punished as a theft or burglary misdemeanor. The shoplifting charges vary from state to state. For example, in many States, a first or second offense of shoplifting merchandise with a value of under $250 carries only a fine and no jail time. The seriousness of the criminal charges relies on the dollar cost of the stolen products.

Court Procedure: If the cost of the merchandise one is arrested for shoplifting is under $1000, then he is handled by a district court judge. If the merchandise is worth more than $1000, and also you plead guilty, you may need to face a jury trial in the district courtroom or before a district court judge. If the police charge you with burglary due to the fact you have been trespassing in the shop at that time, you would possibly face another trial in the courtroom.

Disciplining the Children: A lot of the time, teens act out by breaking the law. They shoplift unnecessary things, just to get into trouble. It is their way of being rebellious and going against the system. But deep down, it can also be seen as a cry for help. Many kids do not get enough attention from their parents, so they desperately want to get noticed by their parents by any means necessary. If your child gets into such legal trouble, make sure you consult a psychologist after bailing him out.

In case you or your loved ones are facing shoplifting charges, talk to a criminal lawyer as quickly as possible. In California, people in need of bail can access 24 hours affordable bail services in Huntington Beach to get installments on bail money. The bondsman will undergo the complete procedure and make sure about your speedy release from prison. Make sure that one little mistake of youth does not put an end to the promising carriers of your child. Opt for bail service for fast release of jail and let your child return to normalcy.


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