Shapewear Outfit Ideas for the Transitional Season

When a new season starts, we get to enjoy much warmer days but they slowly get much colder too, and for that, you need to be prepared for all occasions and every kind of weather a day may offer you. Weather, especially nowadays, has changed a lot and one morning can be extremely cold and a few hours later extremely hot and vice versa. 

To be prepared for this sudden weather change, it is important to layer your outfits. This way you can add or remove the layers according to the weather that you are experiencing. A great way to look amazing while layering is by wearing custom shapewear under your favorite outfits. 

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There are many outfits you can create with them, as they will give you an enviable figure and make every single piece of clothing look better on you separately but also as a whole. Whether you are wearing your favorite shapewear piece under your favorite outfit or as the main piece of it, you need to make sure it fits you right and you are feeling comfortable. 

A new shapewear category

Nowadays there is a new shapewear category, called wholesale shapewear outerwear. With this new trend and category, you can wear your favorite clothing pieces with the added benefit of getting your figure shaped. Or you can also call them shapewear pieces that look like your favorite clothing. 

This time you won’t need to wear these shapewear pieces under your clothes, which is great for those who are always on the go and need to get ready quickly. Who wouldn’t enjoy the fact of getting your favorite clothing pieces with the added benefit of an hourglass figure? 

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This new category includes pieces like bodysuits, pants and leggings, tops, built-in shaper dress, and jumpsuits amongst others. If you get them from Waistdear, they will have not only the highest quality but also, they are going to be very stylish and versatile, as well as comfortable and sustainable. 

What are the best outfits that include shapewear for the transitional season?

The transitional season will have us going a little bit crazy as it’s the moment when the weather slowly starts changing and depending on the season, it will either get colder or warmer. If we consider that it’s getting colder now in the northern hemisphere, we would be transitioning from warm to cold and it’s important to wear layers.

Why are layers so important? Because they will allow you to add or remove according to the current weather. Having this in mind we want to share some outfit ideas that we consider are going to be great options to wear during the transitional season. 

For those who want to stay warm but very comfy nevertheless, we highly recommend you to choose leggings and a body suit, there are plenty of styles to choose from, and then wear a nice and comfy oversized sweater or even an oversized sweatshirt over it. 

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This way you are comfortable and still stylish and will be flaunting an amazing hourglass image, while you keep yourself warm.  A similar outfit to try is the same with a pair of jeans… a little bit more casual but still comfortable and warm.

If you want to wear something more elegant that is perfect for business meetings and going to work, or just because you want to look like you are the boss, the best way is to pair either a high-waisted pair of jeans or trousers. Pair your favorite long-sleeved bodysuit or one with shorter sleeves, depending on the weather, then add your favorite blazer or your favorite trench coat. Add your favorite heeled sandals or pointed-heeled booties and you’ll look amazing. 

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