Search Engine Marketing: Definition, Uses, and How to Do It

Have you ever wondered what search engine marketing is? These days, there are so many advertising tools for businesses that involve search engines. But if you’re new to the world of internet marketing, you may not fully understand the difference between all of the various advertising techniques.

 In this guide, we’ll explain the search engine marketing definition and how to use it. Just keep reading.

The Search Engine Marketing Definition

Search engine marketing (SEM) involves using paid advertisements as a tool to market a business online. The ads appear on the search engine result pages so online viewers can see them as they’re searching for a particular item or product.

 Advertisers bid on certain keywords that Bing and Google users might search for when shopping. Search engine marketing gives advertisers a chance to appear next to search results that are on the top of the search engine. These particular ads are known as pay-per-click ads and come in a variety of formats like product listing ads and text-based ads.

The best thing about search engine marketing is that it provides business owners with the opportunity to get their advertisements in front of customers who are willing and ready to buy. 


As you know, SEM stands for search engine marketing. But chances are you’ve also heard of the term SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. The two sound similar, but what’s the difference?

Well, as explained above search engine marketing is a paid marketing tool that allows businesses to post their ads on Google. However, search engine optimization is an unpaid tactic. Business owners don’t have to pay Google and Bing for traffic and clicks.

Instead, they earn their spot for free by using various techniques to get on the initial set of search results on the first page. Many companies do this by creating websites with blog posts that are filled with keywords related to the products that they’re trying to sell. 

As a result, as users are searching for products and services, the company’s website pops up first.

Search Engine Marketing Ad Auction

Once you’ve decided that you’re willing to invest money into search engine marketing, next you need to enter an ad auction. Basically, every Google ad goes through the process of an auction before it appears on the search engine result pages. 

To enter an auction, you have to choose the keywords that you want to bid on and clarify how much you want to spend on each click for those keywords. Once Google sees that your keywords are included in a user’s search, you’re entered into the ad auction. However, not every ad will appear for every search. That’s because some keywords don’t have enough substance.

Understanding the Search Engine Marketing Definition

Hopefully you understand more about the search engine marketing definition. Between SEM and SEO, it’s easy to get confused. Do you think you’ll incorporate SEM into your marketing strategy? To read more articles like this, continue browsing our website to discover more interesting topics.

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