Romantic Gestures You Can Do if You’re in a Long-Distance Relationship

It Can be Done!

Not everyone has the luxury of a relationship where both partners are always around all the time. Sometimes there’s a lot of distance involved, and the only way you’re going to make it work is if you’re clever enough to bridge that distance. Here a few romantic ways you can make long-distance relationships work well even if you’re not physically near your beau.

1. Send Them Gifts In Advance By Mail

You can find anything on the internet, and you can get it shipped right to the doorstep of your lover. Here’s how this works best: buy something, assure the address is correct, and assure there’s no need for anyone to sign for the parcel in question. Then send that parcel. Now, you may want to get some sort of package insurance.

Some people live in an environment where the problem of porch piracy is pervasive. If you’re trying to surprise a girlfriend or boyfriend with a gift, and it’s stolen, you’ll have an issue. After a month or two, they won’t get back to you on what you bought them, and you don’t want to give away the surprise of the gift by asking if they received it.

This is a bit of a sticky wicket, as the English say in regard to “Cricket”, but there is a solution: post office delivery. You might buy your girlfriend or boyfriend a P.O. Box, and ship things there. Or, you might just risk the porch pirates. Figure out what works best for you and your beau, then lean into it. Sending gifts by mail is a fine gesture.

2. Buy Flowers Online

On that note, there are some gifts that are common mail items, like flowers. Say you’re dating a pretty little lady who works in an elementary school as a teacher’s aide. Buy her a top-tier bouquet online and have it delivered to her place of work on Valentine’s Day with a little note. Even if you’re a thousand miles away, she’ll get the message.

At the following site you can find out how to order Valentine’s Day flowers and have them delivered right to your love’s place of work, or home, or wherever they happen to be.

3. Scheduling “Zoom” or “Skype” Time Strategically

Another thing to do might be taking time out to “face time” one another online. You can use Apple’s “FaceTime”, or “Skype” or “Zoom”, or whatever is best. The idea is, you want to see one another, even if it’s digitally. If you’re gamers, you can use options like Discord to play games together and watch one another  in real-time as you do.

There are options here owing to technology, and the picture on smartphones even over long distances is more clear than it’s ever been before. You can keep your loved one with you even if you’re halfway across the world.

Distance Is Only A Number: Being With Them In Spirit

FaceTime of some variety, whether through Discord servers or Skype, is a great way to foster a close relationship remotely. You can also send your love a big brilliant bouquet of flowers. Maybe send it to their office, maybe send it to their home, maybe home and office are the same for your lover; just send it to the right place. Also, you can ship romantic gifts as well.

Long-distance relationships are not easy. However, they are the sort of thing you can make work if you put the work in. Hopefully some of the suggestions explored here prove helpful.

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