Responses to Hinge’s Dating Prompts That Actually Get Results

Hinge, the popular dating app that links you to prospective romantic partners through your Facebook profiles has many great features.

Perhaps the best is the “prompt”. Prompts are a set of questions designed to help users share some personality and some truth about themselves.

The problem is, not everyone’s great at thinking this stuff up!

So, here are some killer ideas for your prompt responses – see if there’s anything in there that you relate to! Bet there is!

“Dating me is like” prompt

  • The gift of an unexpected snow day
  • Getting two candy bars out of the vending machine when you only paid for one
  • Eating mac n’ cheese on a rollercoaster – messy and weird but also tasty and comforting
  • Waking up and realising it’s not morning yet and you can go back to sleep
  • Meeting your best friend from childhood and getting to do crazy fun stuff again

“I want someone who” prompt

  • Is always polite to service staff
  • Never forgets to tell me I’m cute – even when I’m not
  • Understands why I have to stand on the shopping cart and ride it for a little way down the aisle in the store
  • Likes that I collect weird stuff

“My most irrational fear” prompt

  • That Ronald McDonald is real and will come and get me one day
  • That the wind will change and my face really will stick like that
  • Any social situation where I have to talk to strangers
  • The times I can’t get my key in the door, I think I’m really in a horror movie

“I’m the type of guy that” prompt

  • Sometimes forgets why he’s walked into a room
  • Often eats snacks in bed
  • Loves to debate but may fall asleep half way through
  • Makes up a random family tradition and insists we’ve always done it

Getting to know a little something about your date before you meet up has to be a good idea right?

It’s not always easy though as Whitney Wolfe Herd found out. Before she became the Bumble billionaire she worked in marketing for Tinder.

She thought she knew colleague Justin Mateen well when the two began dating.

After all, they’d worked together for long enough during Tinder’s meteoric rise to the top and they were both top tier management.

Alongside Sean Rad, the CEO of Tinder, the two formed a friendship and Wolfe Herd considered herself to be among buddies.

When the romance between her and Mateen went wrong however, things quickly turned ugly.

He was abusive in person and via text and Sean Rad, CEO did nothing to defend or support Wolfe Herd.

He saw the messages she’d received and called her “dramatic” for complaining about them. Even though they were obviously threatening.

He failed to act and so Wolfe Herd brought a suit against Tinder which was settled out of court.

You might imagine Rad would learn his lesson but nope! He went on to give a number of embarrassing interviews and statements which severely tarnished his reputation.

He lost his CEO position at Tinder whilst Wolfe Herd went on to achieve greatness, becoming the first self-made female billionaire under 30.

It’s safe to say that the way we present ourselves when dating should match up with the way we really are!

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