Reasons Property Owners Choose Pole Buildings for Residential Structures

Pole Building Contractors construct a variety of structures that include barns, large sheds, commercial buildings and even homes. One type of residential structure that first became popular in ranching is today called a barn dominium. Sometimes these homes are called barndos. The building traditionally included living quarters for people residing on the ranch as well as a place for the animals they cared for. Even now, many horse farms include a place for people to reside in the tack house with the animals in a separate part of the building.

Advantages of Pole Buildings

Of course, customers of these contractors do not have to actually live on a ranch, farm or miniature farm. They don’t even have to own any animals. Many men and women simply appreciate the rustic appearance of the barn dominium. They also like the affordability of this type of construction and the increased energy efficiency. Because there is more space for insulation in this type of construction, that cuts heating and cooling costs.

The Residential Area

People who make this choice also like the many options for how to design the inside. They can have a very large open living area, for instance, with visible posts or poles contributing to the rustic atmosphere. There might be a loft looking down over the living space. The loft provides the sleeping area and an extra bathroom. In contrast, property owners can have several rooms separated by walls if they so choose. In fact, the interior can look exactly like a traditional home while the exterior looks like a lovely barn in the countryside. Many property owners make this choice.

Additional Uses

Instead of using part of the building as a place for horses or livestock, the residents might want to have a place for a business or hobbies. There might be a woodworking or auto repair shop attached to the home, for example. A home office or beauty salon could be situated in a separate part of the residence. Often, when spaces for these activities are located on a residential property, they are in an outbuilding not connected to the home. That requires a longer walk than would be the case just to a different part of the building, which is undesirable during certain types of weather.

The beauty of this design is that these areas can effectively be completely separate from all the living space. There doesn’t have to be a door connecting the hobby or professional part of the building to the living area, although that is convenient in many cases. This way, there are no unwanted odors such as hairstyling chemicals or paint fumes in the home.

A Bit of Trivia

Pole buildings, also known as post-frame or post-and-beam structures, function as residences throughout much of the nation. They are reminiscent of log homes, but they have a framework of large timber posts instead of horizontally stacked logs. The style that looks like a barn, though, is most popular in Texas. That might be expected, since this is the region where that residential style originated.

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