Read to Know A Few Common Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques

Many of you must have consulted a chiropractor or heard about chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractic adjustment is also another alternative way to heal your pain without using any medication.

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The most common treatment that is administered by a chiropractor is spinal manipulation. Besides that, they also offer passive physiotherapy by using:

  • Heat
  • Ultrasound
  • Massage
  • Electrical muscle stimulation.

These are useful to manage certain problems with your muscles and bones. Let us discuss in this post, a few most common chiropractic adjustments that are offered by most practicing chiropractor.

1. Direct Thrust Technique

This technique is one of the most common and oldest techniques used by a chiropractor. Almost 96% of chiropractors will prefer this technique to 70% of their patients.

A chiropractor will use his hands and apply a rapid thrust to align the spine.

2. Gonstead Adjustment

Another common technique used by a chiropractor and is also a hands-on technique. After thoroughly analyzing the spinal region where the spine is realigned to reduce pain in the affected areas.

3. Spinal Mobilization

This technique also achieves the same goal as the direct thrust technique mentioned above. It can restore and improve the function of the joints.

However, spinal mobilization will use gentle thrusts as compared to direct thrust technique and there will be more stretching.

4. Activator Technique

Here an activator is used which is a small handheld spring-loaded device to deliver a small impulse to your spine. This technique adjusts the tone effectively of the nervous system.

5. Flexion-Distraction

This is a rather lesser common technique and it involves adjusting the cranium and/or stretching the back gently, aligning your spine to its normal position.

6. Drop Technique

Specialized treatment tables are needed for this technique that has drop mechanisms for facilitating joint movement. Often this technique is used as an alternative method to a more traditional method of manipulative adjustment.

7. Cervical Mobilization

In this technique, the focus is more on using gentle motions applied around the neck. It will incorporate the high-velocity low-amplitude technique. This will use quick pressure for releasing an area.

8. Cervical Drop

In this technique, the patient will lie on his stomach or side and the chiropractor will move his neck. After the chiropractor prepares the neck for the adjustment, he may do the following within seconds:

  • Touch certain points
  • Release the headrest
  • Quickly twist the neck.

9. Cervical Manual Traction

Here the chiropractor will move the neck at different angles to decide the best way how to fix the area. This can help them understand the correct amount of force to use while adjusting.

10. Soft Tissue

Often this technique is preferred after a full adjustment. Chiropractors will massage gently on the neck and apply pressure only to inflamed areas.


Chiropractic therapy is another alternate way to treat your pain condition that can be offered by a certain professional chiropractor. There are several chiropractic adjustment techniques available.

Depending upon the situation of the patient the professional chiropractor will choose the adjustment technique.

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