Preparing Your House Before a Pest Control Appointment 

Everyone enjoys company in their house, but when it’s pests, we all look for solutions to get rid of them. Pests can be creepy and carry various health infections. If you are reading this, you have already taken the wise decision of taking help from professional pest control Leon Valley, TX

However, before the treatment starts, there are a few things you need to take care of and prepare yourself. To make the best of the pest control treatment, here are a few things to do before your appointment. 

Keep large appliances and furniture away. 

It would help if you made sure that the professionals have enough access to all the areas of your house. Removing or moving aside the large furniture or appliances that are covering a significant portion of your room’s area will help. In addition, it will help protect the furniture and appliances from spray spills and stains. 

Protect your clothes and other small furniture. 

Some chemicals can damage the fabric and clothes. Therefore, you must take appropriate steps to protect against any damage to your clothes and furniture. A few steps to take: 

  • Keep all the clothes, jewelry, and footwear in a separate bag and ensure to wrap it with a plastic covering. It is advisable to keep the bag in a cabinet and seal the doors and gaps with cello tape. 
  • Cover furniture like chairs, tables, sofa, and beds with a plastic covering. 
  • Remove all the coverings on your furniture, such as bedsheets, curtains, cushion covers, pillow covers, and more, and store them in a safe place. 
  • If you are treating termite infestation, you may have to empty the wooden furniture with storage such as beds and tables. 

Keep pets away. 

Pets are at a higher risk of chemicals. One of the best ways to prevent any hazard is by dropping them off at your friend or family’s place until the place is safe for them to visit. Besides, it would help if you kept their toys and other assets in a safe place. If you have an aquarium in the house, ensure to turn off air pumps to avoid chemicals inside and cover the aquarium with tight plastic.

Protect your kitchen. 

Kitchen cabinets are likely to be sprayed with chemicals since they attract maximum pests. Therefore, take a few steps to protect your kitchen. 

  • Store all the jars in a different room inside the cabinet. 
  • Cover the appliances with a plastic covering. 
  • Cover the food with thick plastic wrappings and store maximum food inside the fridge. 
  • Unplug all the switches, including the fridge. If you have any leftover food inside the fridge, try to finish it before the pest control starts. 
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