Prefer The Right Terms for the Best CBD Box Solutions

A more precise selection of the CBD display box packaging used can, for example, also reduce the workload and the burden on the workforce, which in turn can reduce indirect costs such as sick days and fluctuation.

Ergonomics at the Packing Station

In many cases, Sleeve Boxes packing is done on completely outdated tables. This can be remedied very quickly and the packing performance of the packer can be increased enormously by providing height-adjustable packing tables and standing aids for the packer.

Every packer is different in size. If the packing table is exactly adapted to the size of the packer, packing can be carried out much faster. By investing in an ergonomically designed workplace, you also increase the health of your employees. On average, employees are unable to work due to illness for around 12 days per year. If the ergonomically sensible design of the workplace reduces downtime by only 3 days per year, this results in annual cost savings of approx. $1,000 per employee. Added to this there are the productivity increases, which can also very quickly amount to $ 800 to $ 1,000 per employee per year.

Optimizing Load Securing

The use of high-quality stretch wrapping film reduces the costs per wrapped pallet and increases the quality of load securing. This also reduces film consumption, because high-quality stretch films are much thinner and yet better and more tear-resistant. This at the same time protects the environment when significantly less packaging waste is produced.

The purchase of a new stretch wrapping machine for CBD Labels also often makes sense. New stretch wrapping machines can be equipped with film pre-stretching, which reduces your film consumption. Modern stretch wrapping machines pre-stretch the film 300 – 400%. Due to the lower film consumption, the purchase of a modern stretch wrapping machine pays for itself in a short time.

Even If Broken Pieces Bring Luck:

It would be nice if you could move without any broken plates, cups or glasses. Glass in particular breaks easily. This is not only annoying because it means a loss of value. In addition, you or your moving helpers can injure themselves on the broken glass when unpacking.

“Single type” only glass in a box

The fact that glasses and other glass containers are not mixed with other objects does not only apply to the waste glass container. But also for your drinking glasses, glass carafes and other glass household items. Reserve some moving boxes for glass only. Why? First of all, the glasses cannot be crushed by other very heavy objects (for example by heavy saucepans that make themselves in the box).

Second, you can label the CBD moving boxes with the sensitive glass separately. Then the hard-working moving helpers, who may have already moved a large number of boxes, particularly notice it in the “routine”. So the moving helpers are even more careful than they already are.

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