Other Things I Want To Charge Wirelessly

I want to play a game. This is one of my favorite games to play, and it only has one rule. Take an invention that already exists and blow it out to other ways that it could be super useful. I have to imagine this is how modern inventors spend most of their day, but for me it’s a fun creativity exercise. I’m sure designers are doing the same thing accept they are like “Let’s take something that exists, and imagine another way for it look”… which is how I imagine these were made. That is one fancy wireless charger.

So let’s take wireless chargers, what else could be charged wirelessly that would be awesome. We already have the technology, it’s only a matter of time until we explore it and make it more accessible to other things…

Cars – This one felt obvious. We are starting to enter a time when electric vehicles are becoming more and more commonplace… and what better thing to charge wirelessly than a car. If you could put down some sort of mat on your garage floor that was connected to the electricity that could somehow charge your car battery overnight while you sleep… that would be pretty cool. Of course at home you can just plug in, but what if it was in every parking lot? The mat would collect electricity through sunlight when it was exposed to sun, and charge your car when you parked there.

Laptops – Also seems obvious, yet we’ve had cell phone wireless charging for quite a bit now and I’ve heard no mention of wireless laptop or tablet charging. What gives? I know you all have the technology, so make it happen.

Remote Controls – Okay, I have a hot take here so bear with me. Why are remote controls the only thing we still use frequently that take normal batteries, what is going on here?! Apple allows you to charge their AppleTV remote with a wire, but that’s about it… Why can’t we just charge all remotes wirelessly. We all have them. Put them all on the same charging system and make us buy a remote charging trey, we’ll do it to stop buying batteries.

Game System Controllers – Same question as above. Why are we still buying batteries for these, or using cords. This is no different than a cellphone, let’s figure it out folks. I know that Amazon claims to have some “wireless chargers” for Xbox but they aren’t wireless really… they have two metal contacts that you have to perfectly set the control on top of in the specially designed stand… don’t like to me Amazon, it’s not wireless! Sorry, that got heated… this is supposed to be a game.

eScooters – I’m not entirely sure why these don’t charge themselves with solar power already, but who knows what they were thinking… maybe it was too expensive. I think it might be cool if those scooters, much like cars, when driven to a certain spot on the street could pick up a charge by themselves, so that we didn’t have to watch all of those folks destroy their shins carrying 15 at a time down the street to charge them at home.

See? What a fun game! We came up with some decent ideas there… now if anybody is some sort of engineer, feel free to jump on these. I don’t even need credit for them, I just want them to exist so I can live my life in complete wireless luxury.

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