Materials For Installing Air Conditioning

Now we will define in detail all those materials necessary to install an air conditioning machine for residential and commercial service


  • ½” copper tube for gas piping. (The meters that separate the two units + 1m).
  • ¼” copper tubing for liquid tubing. (The meters that separate the two units + 1m). Eye both are sold in rolls of 15 m.
  • Armaflex insulating tube, for ½” and ¼” to insulate gas and liquid pipes.
  • Insulating tape or armaflex tape for finishing the valves, isolating them, and joining the armaflex.
  • 2 ½” OJO tube threads are sometimes attached to the equipment and can be reused.
  • 2 Thread for ¼” pipe, as in the previous case.
  • Gutter for Air conditioning with cover, (Note, the gutter and the cover are sold separately in strips of 2 m, and each meter is worth the price of Gold, so we cannot waste it (of all the material it can be said that it is the most expensive ).
  • 2 L-shaped brackets to hang the condensing unit (outdoor) according to the place’s needs to be used.
  • 4 Silent blocks to prevent the transfer of vibrations from the condensing unit to the wall.
  • 5 or 6 mm dowels and screws, about 20, to hang the indoor unit and for the gutters.
  • 6 to 8 Screws with plug or metal expansion plugs (8 to 10 mm) to hang the brackets.
  • Drainpipe for the indoor and outdoor unit.
  • T connection to join the drain pipes.
  • Network cable, three wires from the outlet or junction box to the indoor unit.
  • 5-wire cable to communicate the indoor unit with the outdoor unit.
  • In some cases, 2-wire cable to communicate the indoor unit with the outdoor unit (thermostat).
  • Silicone or caulk to cover the hole in the wall.
  • Electrical connection strip, 3 to 6 units according to needs, for the 220V cable.

In order to achieve a good fitting of the air conditioning you need to employ the services of expert technicians.

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